***SINGLE FLAP finds***

  1. I just called but was told they don't have any :sad:

  2. Sorry to hear that. Did you call Neimanmarcus?
  3. It's okay & yes I called nm :sad:

  4. I just called and she told me that she has a jumbo single flap in bronze if you are interested.
  5. That was very kind of you for checking but I'm looking for a black flap.

  6. I was told NM in Bellevue has the brown caviar jumbo with single flap. Call Danielle at (425) 452-3300 ext. 2104.
  7. I'm looking for a beige clair caviar jumbo with single flap. Thanks!
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    Looking for a navy or black caviar maxi in GHW. Pls. PM me...TIA.
  9. Can you post your SA info. I couldn't IM you.
  10. Looking for a black jumbo caviar please pm ....Tia :smile:
  11. My relative is in Rome and sent the deadly text to say he can't find it there, I'm desperately looking for Maxi Single Flap caviar leather with Silver hardware.

    Can any pretty kind souls please help? :sad:
  12. Caviar black Maxi both gold and silver hw--same with black lambskin. Single flap dark red jumbo, turquoise lambskin maxi....
  13. Any idea if these are still available?
  14. Yes they all are.
  15. Sorry, I didn't see your message until today. I hope you found your bag.