Single again....I think I need some support too.

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  1. Today is my first day becoming single again. Just parted with BF of 2 yrs. He will be moving to NY soon and we are just not meant to be. I feel very sad and sorry for us, but there is nothing we can do. We are not right for each other.Now I guess I am single again. It's Friday, no date...just sitting here looking at the forum. :cry: Not sure if I should put this up, but I am just alittle worry I won't be fall in love least not anytime soon. :sad2:
  2. Aww.. don't feel so bad. It's fun to be single ! And if it wasn't meant to be, there will be better things waiting for you yet. ;)
  3. yeah...thanks ayla you so sweet.
  4. Hang in there. You never know -- someone better suited for you might be right around the corner. Just enjoy being single for a while, and endulge yourself!
  5. I am sorry things didn't work out but sounds like you know they didn't work out for good reasons. It's hard being single, God knows how sad I was back in those days ... but you will meet someone else who is right for you, no doubt about it. I felt the same way before meeting DH but when the time is right things will all fall into places for you. And don't rush into things just because you don't want to be single anymore. Good luck!
  6. Relationships are hard, but i firmly believe that things happen for a good reason. Maybe you'll meet the man of your dreams now. :smile:
  7. Thanks girls, thanks.
  8. Everevereve - Girl, I'm definitely feeling your pain and heartache right now. My live-in BF of 1 1/2 years and I just broke up permanently today, too. No matter the reason, break-ups are still very hard... I'm sorry to hear about your break-up. There is a legit time to weep, but let's vow to keep our heads up!! The first few days and weeks are always the hardest, especially today (DATE night).

    In case it makes you feel any better, I'm also sitting here, eating a bag of chips, browsing the internet, just watching TV. When I was younger, I would do the whole going out and going crazy thing... just not in the mood tonight. KEEP YOUR HEAD UP!!
  9. Oh no... I'm so sorry =((

    It's definitely normal to be sad, in fact shed a few tears (I always noticed that after I cry, I'm a little bit more calm), and then eventually everything will be ok again.

    You know that say "if you let something go and it comes back then it's meant to be"? Maybe things will work out with your (ex) boyfriend and you guys might get together again. If not don't lose hope on love, you'll find someone else.

    You're a great person inside and out and there'll be someone who will see that, it might happen sooner than you think =)
  10. aawww, im sorry you guys split up, but whats for you won't go passed you. Im still waiting for the right guy, but in the meantime, im having lots of nights out with the girls. I hope everything works out for you! Keep positive!
  11. drtng I am sorry to heard that you going through this too...:cry: I too don't really want to go out..having headache anyway...
  12. i think after breakups it is best to hang out w/ the girlfriends :smile:. a drink or 2 won't hurt either ;).
  13. Thanks Jen you are so sweet and I love your picture you seen so happy.
  14. Oh girl, you'll have so much fun being single again. Before I got married and started dating my DH, I had A FREAKIN' BLAST being single!!! I don't remember a lot of it ;) but the parts I remember, I wouldn't trade for the world. I'm sorry you're going thru this difficult time but if you need an ear or a shoulder, I'm here for ya! Always!!:love:
  15. You girls are just so nice... :'(