since LV is so luxurious, how do you treat your bagS?

  1. hi guys! im sOOOO excited..i just order my first lv purchase, a speedy 25 from elux :yahoo: and i cant wait till it gets here...its killiing me!

    i realize now that ill have a super expensive bag, :graucho: at least for a undergrad student, i need to take care of it to last. do yall put them on the ground when you go to a movie, dinner, etc? Do you store it a certain way?

    i think ill treat my bag like a baby, always on my arm at the bar etc. i dont think ill put it on the floor..what do yall do? im just curious and wanting some advice! thanks ladies, yall are the ultimate experts:P !
  2. I was super careful in the beginning but, now it's just whatever. Sometimes I catch my 2 year old daughter dragging them on the floor-I think it's cute.
  3. Congrats, you'll love your speedy..! :yes:

    Actually, I don't have the habit of putting my bags on the floor, regardless of how much they cost. I just hate doing that and will only do it if I have no choice. Most of the time, I'll just put it on my lap or get it an extra chair. :shame: I only have a few LVs and I don't need to baby them much as they are quite durable, that's why they are my favourite bags! Just gotta be careful of the untreated leather parts. I'm more concern when using my Dior Girly pink bag as it seems so delicate that I have to look around and walk really far off if I see any nearby kids eating ice cream at the mall, or someone holding a cup of cappucino, etc. :sweatdrop:

    Oh, and I just store my bags in their dustbags.
  4. I try to be very careful with them. I try not to get them dirty, & I always put them back into the dustbag, before putting them away in my closet.
  5. I'm generally really careful with all of my stuff (clothes, bags, etc.) and I don't spend $1,000 on a bag to just throw it around so YES I'm always sure to be very careful with my LV bags!!

    When I store them I just put them in their dustbags and keep them in my closet (cool, dark).

    You're going to LOVE your speedy 25 (I have the same one and it's the perfect size!!). Just be sure not to sit it on a dirty table or a dirty floor, etc. These bags are very durable though so try not to worry too much and enjoy!! :yahoo:
  6. I've been guilty of putting my bag on the floor of some restaurants a couple of times :shame: Only if the floor looks clean though. I can't be bothered to ask for another chair for my bag and sometimes (depending on the bag), it's just not comfortable to have it in my lap while eating. At the movies, I always keep it on my lap. The floor there is just TOO gross.
  7. Congratulations. Yes, I am very careful with my bag. If I am not sure about a restaurant or other setting, I will carry my epi pochette. Very rarely will I place my LV bag on the floor. I only place it on the floor if I can find an out of the way corner.
  8. Hey, congrats on your new Speedy - woo hoo!! I'm super careful with mine but not obsessively so. In a restaurant it's usually on a chair next to me and on the floor if it's not too dirty. I NEVER put my bags on a movie theatre floor and I usually just bring a pochette so I have something small to keep on my lap. And I also always put them back in their dustbags.
  9. at the beginning i'm SUPER careful with my new expensive acquisitions... but then after a two weeks or so i start dropping them everywhere... in my house that is...
    i NEVER place ANYTHING on the floor in public areas... unless i ABSOLUTELY have to... and the only item i would do that to is my backpack...
    otherwise i would just share a chair with my bags!
  10. I'm pretty carefuly with my bags... I never put them on the floor anywhere, usually on my lap or another chair, if avilable. I always store my LV in their dustbags when not in use. I have a couple bags that I don't baby too much, though.

    I would never take my LVs to the bars/parties... I'm always afraid of someone accidentally spilling something on me or my bag.
  11. Congrats on your new bag.
    I always take care of my bags but they are still bought to use. I wouldn't put them on the floor though and at the cinema I put them on a seat next to me ( too much melted chocolate or lollies on the floor.) I also don't put handcream on if carrying an LV.
  12. i always have it on my lap tho it gets pretty uncomfy at times... at times i put it on another chair.. and i think i placed it on a carpeted floor once... but that's about it. i remembered seeing a classmate putting it on the dirty wooden floor of the classroom.. and i was like whoa..this girl treats her LV bag as if its cheap.... but then after staring at it i realized it was a fake.
    Oh, and as much as i would like my bag to accompany me for a night out at the bar... i don't think i will cuz i don't want da ciggy smell to be stuck on the bag! i want to preserve that leathery smell and have my weekly leathergasm =)
  13. Congratulations on your first lv!!! It must be so exciting (I know I was)! The Speedy 25 is an excellent choice as I love mine very dearly.

    Like many other purse forumers, I am careful with all my belongings no matter their value. I wouldn't even put my $5 bag from aeropostale on the floor anywhere unless it is in my own home or a friends clean carpeted home. I do however put more care into my LVs. Upon recieving any new LV I will spray it down with Shinning Monkey to protect it from dirty, natural skin oils, and make it resistant to water spots, it also helps the vachetta stay a light color for longer. I pay extra attention to make sure the area is clean before I put my bag down. I usually put it on the chair next to me after thoroughly making sure it is clean. I would not go as far as to ask for another chair for my bag so if there isnt an empty one, I just put my bag on my lap or just sit closer to the edge of the seat and place the bag behind me. If I have a looose article of clothing such as a sweater or shirt I will almost ALWAYS drape it over my bag so in the case anything drips or spills it will help save my bag to some extent. Sometimes i am extra paranoid so I will take off my sweatshirt, lay it out, put the bag on top if it and drape the rest of the sweatshirt over the top of the bag. This way, the bottom and side, and top of the bag is protected and it looks less 'im a crazy bag lady' than bringing a specific towel to put your bag on top or asking the waiter for another chair for my bag. I wouldn't bring any of my LV handbags to a bar as I would be worried the entire time someone might spill on it. I being my smaller items instead. Hope this helps!
  14. for the most part like babies. I have 2 that i treat like my other bags( only own one other leather bag that isnt designer), but still look after them. I dont put them down on the floor and make sure my kids stay way :smile: try and keep them out of the sun.. I know i'm bad.

    As for the ones i baby, i dont use them often and keep them hiding in the dark :smile: dont take them out when the weather looks bad/or its cloudy. Freak when it starts to rain and i'm carrying one.
  15. Hmmm I am not so protective as I used to be ... with some of my LVs I dont really iond to much as they are the ones that I choose to use as a normal bag LOL ... others , more exclusive I am more protective