Simple Corta Pumps

  1. [​IMG]

    Who is pre-ordering these?? I love the look, especially the black patent. How sexy :love:

    The heel is quite high at 4.5'' but the platform should make it more comfortable.

    Ladies, love it or hate it? :girlsigh::flowers:
  2. I happen to like the simples without the platform. I think it's great to come up with a new twist on an old standard, but it's not for me.
  3. I love it!! I was considering it but I dont know if I can do 4.5 height, so im on the fence
  4. Will respond later, dinner awaits! LOL
  5. LOVE it!
  6. i really love that shoe!
  7. Night out with the girls??? I just got home from a ladies "work" Christmas party. Or, have you heard from your dinner companion from the other night????
  8. Actually just had a quick bite at home with my girlfriend from Seattle. She is visiting me for the week and staying with me. She is really tired so we are just staying in tonight. Tomorrow night we're going somewhere in West Hollywood for dinner and meeting with other girls :yes:

    Now about the pumps, I personally really like these because the platform makes the simples so much more sexy. For me, platform shoes make the shoe more comfortable and since the simples are my most comfortable shoes..I'm thinking this one will be just fine.

    Lo, I am a little hesitant about this heel too, although I'm starting to not care. Pretty shoes are pretty doesn't matter if they hurt. :yes: ;)

    I will probably wait until they come out in stores and try them on IRL.
  9. if you can rock the height, go for it.
  10. Aw that sounds nice. That is so much fum when girlfriends come to visit. Enjoy! I love sitting up and talking girl talk!!
  11. I totally agree Priin i think ill wait for them to hit stores and try them on IRL too.

    DO you have another date set up with the new guy?
  12. I can't wait to try them..they seem like a really great shoe. I hope they are as comfortable as the simples because I think they look even sexier with a platform.

    Lo, we are going out to dinner again. He is going to surprise me so I don't know where we are going. I need help on where we can go afterwards :sweatdrop:
  13. OOOOOO Thats great he set up another date already!! I wonder where he is going to take you? Well at least you know he has good taste:yes:, afterwards? like out dancing or to a lougy bar?
  14. Yes he sound very interested. I have no idea where to tell you to go, but dancing or a nice bar where you can talk sounds nice. Maybe even a nice walk. There is so much to do where you live, gosh. yes he has good taste and I like his persistance. I can't wait to hear where he takes you!! :tup:
  15. What are you going to wear???