Silver GH!!!!

  1. Is anyone excited to see this? I am!!!! I am hoping I love it on the new flat messenger. I think I may want a black flat messenger with the silver GH!!! What are your thoughts of the silver GH???:shrugs:

    Here's a pic of the flat messenger~(got the pic from another thread)

  2. OH~ and I was at Greta Luxe today and they showed me a picture they had of a blue flat messenger w/silver GH they ordered. Not coming till the summer. The picture was really dark so it was hard to see.
  3. YEAH Baby!!! I think the Silver GH will look fabulous with Black!!! I think it would also look great on the PLOMB (Lead Grey) color that is supposed to be out in the Fall, 2007.

    Just the other day (when at Barneys NY/Chestnut Hill), there was a young gal who had either the 2003/2004 Red City w/ Silver Hardware ... I was DROOLING :drool: ... it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :love: pretty!
  4. Wow I really like the flat messenger. I wonder what the silver giant hardware is going to look like!?!?
  5. Oh man ... I'm jealous, 'Zac' ... wanna be my Balenciaga "personal shopper"?!?! I'm ALWAYS working :yucky: :crybaby: ...
  6. oh drools!!!! wonder when BalNY would get them in???
  7. Yes!!!!!!!:yahoo: I love to shop for other people!!! Maybe I can take pictures when I'm out and about!
  8. I think I could fall in love with a black work with silver GH :love:
  9. i would LOVE to see silver GH! something new to dream about!
  10. I am so happy that tou are all excited about this too! The price I was told for the flat messenger with silver GH was $1125. or $1145.~ can't remember.
  11. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing this style! I'm not sure if I'll ever go with the GH but I'd love to see how it looks in silver, especially on a blue messenger bag. Next time I'm at Gretta Luxe, I'll ask to take a peak at that photo.
  12. I know~ something to dream about is right!!! LOL
  13. ^^
    yeah seriously!!! I just love how the silver pops out from the leather background.
  14. can't wait to see it!!! thanks for the update!
  15. I'm curious to see it, but I doubt I'd ever buy it. I wish they'd do their regular hardwear in silver again for a season or two though... maybe they should start doing s/s in brass and f/w in silver? Everybody wins! ;)