SIL acts insane at bar-b-q

  1. Sort of a spin off of my other thread-LOL!

    Anyway, I was raised that when you go to someone's house for dinner/whatnot, you bring something. That is proper etiquette on your part. In turn, proper etiquette on their part is to actually put out what you brought.

    So, Cheapo SIL has a bar-b-q. Her son (not the one told to bring beer for 16 people-her other one), comes with his family (his wife and 2 children-her only grandchildren). They had just been strawberry picking and brought a ton of strawberries.

    So, time for dessert comes and Cheapo is bringing things out-but, not the strawberries. I go to help Cheapo and while helping ask "is there anything else to bring out?". Cheapo says "no-i am not putting those strawberries out, I am tired and dont want to deal with washing them, cleaning them, etc." I tell Cheapo's DIL this when she asks where they are because her daughter, Cheapo's granddaughter had wanted some.. Cheapo's son hears this and says "oh-well-I will just go in the house and wash and clean them if she is too tired and bring some out".

    He brings out a small plate of strawberries and puts them down for his daughter to eat (again Cheapo's granddaughter). A little while later, Cheapo comes stomping out of the house, comes right up to her granddaughter, snatches the plate right out from under her-all the while yelling "I said I wasn't putting the strawberries out G------it!" and then stomps off into the house with the plate.

    Crazy or a normal family bar-b-q scene?:roflmfao:

    (It comes out later that she didn't want to put the strawberries out because the next day her mah jong group was coming over and she wanted to put them out for them)
  2. Your SIL stories always kill me :roflmfao:. What a crazy hag.
  3. This is one of those times where if you don't laugh at the situation, you might as well go insane because sometimes you just can't do anything about some people! :nogood:
  4. :wtf::roflmfao: There is always a loon in every family! Sometimes a couple of them!
  5. someone needs to slip her a "mickey" at the next family gathering.
  6. Sounds like a couple of my in-laws. Each time you think they can't top the last stupid thing they did, they do another dumb thing. I'm sure you're grateful you don't have to live with her!:nuts:
  7. The things people do!!! It seems like every framily has ONE of those people that do ridiculous things that throw everyone else for a loop! :nuts:
  8. Well if you ask me she sounds more like a self-centered ***** then insane......but you know, those two go right in hand..LOL.
  9. mah jong? haha...that just makes me want to laugh for some reason that I have no idea of...lmao.
  10. Wow. She sounds nuts!!
  11. This story is a reminder why God gave us receptor sites for alcohol.

  12. Yep! :yes:
  13. Can I just say that your two threads have both given me a huge laugh, and I really needed one today, so thankyou for that, and i hope you take it in the nice way it's intended!!

    Your SIL sounds so crazy that she's hilarious. She obviously has very little in her life so she focuses on tiny things and makes them bigger than they are. Maybe I am being presumptuous, but for goodness sake, there are more important things than soda and strawberries for her to worry about surely. She needs a bit of a reality check!!!

    As a few people have said you are lucky you don't have to live with her!!!
  14. Oh Nishi,
    I can't help but laugh and be completely irritated at the same time. My IL's are loons too...
  15. I second that.