*sigh* my first LV experience ruined...Has anyone walked away from a purchase...


Dec 4, 2006
Hi all,
I just came home 10 mins ago from LV in calgary. I wanted to purchase the damier speedy 30. The SA didn't help me b/c he was filling out some paperwork. 5 mins later, he comes over and asked if I needed any help. Finally he shows me the bag.. and left me with the bag, and went back to his paperwork. :confused1: When he comes back, I asked if it's important for the squares to line up.. Not too important to me, but I had to ask. (here's my beef)--> He said, "This is LV's lower price-point item, they don't necessarily have to line up.." Then he said it's b/c the bag is not-structured thus it doesn't really line up. Really, I can except that last explaination but not the first..about the low price point. At that point, I felt that I took enough of his...attitude and walked away. Really sadly though. Sorry for the rant, but I really needed to get this out. :crybaby:
Ohh I am so sorry you had to deal with that. It seems to be happening more and more throughout different LV boutiques! I am glad you walked away. You will find someone who is much nicer to deal with I am sure. They are not all like that!
I'm sorry you had a bad experience with this one SA. He shouldn't have treated you that way and his first statement made it sounds he was looking down on you. Do you look young usually? I notice whenever I go in with my friends (we're in our 20s), we always get the snotty treatment too. That's why it'll help if you have that one SA you always go to and depend on.

I hope your next experience will be a great one, but don't let this deter you from buying more LVs.
Thanks Crystal... I wasn't sure if I was doing the right thing to walk away. I mean being fans of the line, doesn't mean we should be subjected to such poor service. :shrugs:

You definately did the right thing. In fact I would do more than that and complain! :yes: I find what he said a bit offensive! All LV customers should be treated with respect no matter what amount you are spending!
Sorry this happened to you - that wasn't nice - the lower-priced point items - omg - I'm glad u walked out. Because that's rude, and bad treatment. I know you went there with an expectation of coming out with a beautiful Damier Speedy. I don't care how low priced point something is - its not cheap. I don't understand some people. I hope you feel better soon!
I think you did the right thing walking away. If you had bought the bag, every time you picked it up you would remember the bad experience. When I was considering my first one I had a lovely SA who was so nice about helping me choose, finding one made in France and overall it was a memorable experience. You deserve to have a nice experience as well.

I'm so sorry this happened, but I have faith you will find the right moment and the right SA!

Hugs :flowers:
Sorry,I also had horrible service in Maui in October. Your not the only one treated like crap. Wanted a Myrtille Speedy in the worst way, but the SA was downright rude and ignorant to me...my husband walked out in disgust. I followed him a few minutes later...it was to have been my birthday present...didn't want to be reminded of being treated poorly every time I looked at the bag! Very disgusted with some service lately.
I am so sorry you had a bad experience. You were right to walk away.

I would ask here on tPF if there are recommendations for a good SA at your store. Call and set up a time to come in, and you're sure to have a better time :smile:
Hi 4everLV,
he was a young asian man with clear D&G glasses..spikey hair. Aloof type attitude..*sigh*

oooooh... I know who that is... I'm surprised! He's usually really nice!
Maybe he was having a bad day? Christmas hours & all... but still, that is no excuse to treat customers that way... sorry to hear!
Hi pursesally,
you are sooooo right. I was wondering what was wrong with me walking out of my first purchase. But it's true, if I bought it, i would be kicking myself in the butt. I don't want any negativity associated whenever I use that bag.