Shrubbery vs. Crazy Neighbors

  1. Oh, you cannot leave us hanging like that!
  2. i can't....but she did try to run me over with her minivan. it was 11 years ago, and i still can't tell the story.

    we sold our home shortly after, we wouldn't let the real estate agent put a sign in front of it...until it was sold. we were afraid her crazyness would do something to undo the sale.

    we knew she would never move, so we did. best thing we ever did.
  3. We live on an acre and a half and when we originally bought we had nice neighbors, no fences everyone got along. Things changed as our neighbors got elderly and left. Our neighbor to the South spent 3 years building the most horrible house you can imagine with workers starting at 7 am and sometimes earlier and many times working Sat and Sundays. He started by putting a fence 3 feet into our property, had to spend on a survey, had to contact the buidling dept., etc., etc. Next he build his lot up with the soil, rock etc., they dug up to about 2-1/2 feet above what had been the soil level and what still was our level., needless to say the runoff puddled all over our lot, palms died, rare plants died......again, had to call the Building Department, they fined him over and over again, he was a very famous commercial builder and guess he could get away with a lot., but not with killing my plants. Finally, he had to bulldoze the front lot to meet the level of our ground.
    Then, lol, this was never ending and gets really weird, he built an obnoxious, real tacky wall on the front of his house, pink and gold with a custom made solid electric gate gold with pink flowers, I died, but it was great to direct people to our house and it was his home after all. Well, a few weeks after putting up the wall and solid electric gate I come home to find workers on my property cutting his fence in my back yard and putting in a double gate opening in the same fence material which when open would open unto our property???WTF?, okay, my DH calmed me down as much as he could, I was screaming in my native language at the top of my lungs, and we decide to approach this lovely person when he arrives home and we see him. On the fence, planted on his side but growing all over the fence, into our lot, choking our lovely plants he had planted bean pole plants and several other vine plants with fruits or beans on them, we did not have to wait long that same evening to see his mother, who obviously had been flown in from the foreign country they were from, wearing the long skirt, and full dress from her country open the gate, come on our property and proceed to cut all the beans and whatever else was growing and harvest their dinner I guess., but, here is the weirdest and incredible thing, mid way through harvesting, this elderly woman pulls up her skirt and.........goes to the bathroom in my backyard......Now I go crazy, its getting dark and this woman is in my yard going to the bathroom and harvesting plants........I opened the terrace door and started yelling and screaming., she just looks at me, raises her shoulders and husband tells me to come in, he goes out and bodily pushes her through the open gate into her son's yard, comes in calls the gardener and tells him no matter what the cost he wants 25 full grown spiny palms the ones with the real spines on the trunk brought and planted on our side of the gate by noon the next morning, and that money is not an issue, lol..
    Next morning, on schedule the plants get delivered and Jose and his crew plant them in record time. Well, Mommy must have called her son because he flies in his driveway, walks all around the wall, the gate in the front and down our acre and knocks on our door and has the nerve to tell me, DH was at work that we have to allow him an easement into our property, are you ready for this, in case his electricity goes and he cannot open the front gate he needs to be able to drive and to get in and out of his property through our property, the audacity of this guy, so I started laughing and told him he better get a helicopter and park it in his front lawn because no way in hell is he having an easement through our property and to make sure he keeps his mother from ever going to the bathroom on our property.
    Things went downhill from then on, but, we planted a wood fence against his wire fence, more palms, etc., and only twice did we catch the mother from hell sneaking in our front to try to get to the beans on our side. The house has been vacant now for about 4 years since the famous builder went bust and no one in their right mind will buy that horrible masterpiece of his. Sorry for the long post but you touched a sore point, lol.
  4. That is the most insane thing I ever heard, I can't even picture what this house looks like-beyond tacky. My friends in Florida who have had neighbor problems have found that a nice row of cactus plants solve it pretty quickly and they sure like to grow with all that heat.

  5. you are the winner.
  6. I cannot compete with this.
  7. OMG. This will have to go into the Hall of Fame. I bow to you with the maximum 5 NI's!
  8. habanerita, that is the nuttiest yard/neighbor story ever.
  9. Lol, Wait till I tell you about the neighbors on the North Side!
  10. *dead*



  11. Perhaps it even needs an "Ekke Ekke Ekke Ekke Ptangya Ziiinnggggggg Ni!!" even.
  12. anytime you're ready girl....:popcorn:
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  14. God bless you! :biggrin: