Shrubbery vs. Crazy Neighbors

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    Share your scary shrubbery vs. crazy neighbor stories here.
    I'll start...

    We used to live next door to this sweet little old lady. On the property line between our homes was this beautiful, fully mature grapevine. It grew over our shared fence. It was about 2" more on her side than on ours but she asked us if we wanted to pull the vines over to our side of the house to let it grow over our veranda. We did and it looked beautiful - it grew for years and produced the sweetest grapes you ever tasted. Then she sold her house and moved out.
    New neighbors move in.
    Hubby and I go to our vacation home for a few days. We come home and retreat to the backyard to relax from our trip. The sun had just gone down, we settled into our lounge chairs and were facing our veranda that suddenly was completely bare, vines all completely gone!
    I went next door to talk to the new neighbors and they said they pulled the vine down since the root was on their property. THEY ACTUALLY GOT A LADDER AND CLIMBED OVER OUR VERANDA AND PULLED ALL THE VINES OFF IT!!! I asked them why didn't they talk to us first about it and explained how the old lady "gave" us the vines and their response? SHE DOESN'T LIVE HERE ANYMORE!


    Welcome to the neighborhood a**holes.
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  4. I remember this from when I was 6. There was a medium sized tree on my parents property, but right on the line. My friends and I love the tree...climbed it, picked the little apples from it, etc. Well, one day, we come home, and the tree is gone! The new neighbor cut it down and said they were afraid the branches would hang over their roof. My dad was PISSED since they came on our property. I was devastated because it was my tree. It was bad enough that the bulldozed my other favorite tree to build the house. Anyway, my parents got in a fight with them over it, and me, being my bish self, decided to take things into my own hands, I got a bunch of those Polly-nose droppings from other trees and planted the seeds right where the old tree was, fully knowing how annoying and messy those trees get. I then used my spray paint kit and made a sign "warning, do not touch my tree". That tree is now full size and still stands!
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    I don't know why people are so incapable of sharing and nurturing trees and shrubs along a property line.

    We have a line of big bushy shrubs that's set back about 3' from the property line. The elderly man who lived next door kept having his lawn guys chop the bushes back, even though they were clearly not anywhere near his property. He also sprayed massive amounts of herbicides under the bushes every summer and it ultimately killed an entire line of arbor vitaes. I kept asking him--begging him not to spray under our bushes. We do the organic thing but I'm very meticulous about picking weeds along the property lines of neighbors who want that tidy look. But of course he just ignored me and kept spraying.

    Then he wondered why all his daisies and other wild flowers kept dying every summer while mine and the other neighbors' flourished. :shocked:

    His house is for sale and more than anything I want a new neighbor who will respect our shrubbery. All of our other neighbors are gems and are as much into the organic thing and the bushy shrubbery as we are, and I thank my stars every day for them.
  8. My mom had a new family move in after living next to the same older woman for decades. That family told her they were going to remove the bushes between the houses and my mother explained that the bushes weren't theirs; they were on my mom's property. The new neighbor insisted that he owned land a foot past the bushes, and my mom again said she had lived there for many years and knew where the property line was; he was mistaken.

    My mom wasn't terribly fond of the bushes anyway, but was more offended that the new guy was insisting he owned at least 2-1/2 or 3 more feet of property she knew was hers, and he was telling her he was going to widen his driveway into that space. So she called the surveyors, had markers put up, ripped the bushes out (they were hers) and put up a fence! It is a nice wooden fence, but she clearly put it up to tell them in no uncertain terms that she knew what was hers. I should add that the bushes were overgrown and not terribly desirable plants anyway, and after putting the fence up my mom planted new decorative trees along the fence with spring flowering bulbs.

    Fortunately, that family moved out (the man was not only an a*shole to my mom, but to his wife as well, and they divorced) and now there is a new family with kids living there. They get along great with my mom and actually appreciate the fence because it helps keep balls and toys in their own yard!
  9. Yikes! I'm very glad your mom took action in this manner because she may have headed off a lot of legal problems. Are you familiar with "adverse possession" property laws? If a neighbor fences in your property or makes regular use of it by say, putting a driveway on it or even parking a vehicle on it regularly, after a given number of years they are considered owners of the property. In some states like Florida a neighbor can come to own your property in as little as 3-4 years if they fence it off or put a driveway on it, or use it regularly in a variety of other ways. In other states adverse possession occurs after 10-20 years of use and/or occupancy, although there is a trend among state legislatures to drop the occupancy down to 4-5 years.

    That's why it's so important to have your property surveyed and maintain and protect the boundaries, as your mother wisely did.

    But yikes! Aren't some people rats!
  10. May I share a nice neighbor and shrubbery story...

    We have lived in our home with the same neighbors (on both sides, actually) for almost fifteen years.

    Chuck, our neighbor to the west, has two HUGE Evergreen trees in his front yard. The needles, of course, drop off and end up in our yard. Every once in a while, we'll come home to every needle swept from our yard... by him. We have told him that we are happy to take care of it, as it's really not a big deal (and we have a teenage son who does most of our yard work) but he has told us because their his trees... he should sweep the needles. We don't argue anymore... we just thank him and, occasionally, send over cookies.
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  12. wow some people are nuts. keep the stories coming I'm loving this.
  13. Not a horor story but a pain in the neck. Our back neighbor has about 5 trees that overhang on our property and drop those horrible helicopter things that clog up our pool filters and mess the yard up. You literally have to empty the pool filters at least ten times a day. Hubby has asked the neighbor about cutting some of the trees down-he won't do it. It is not like they are pretty trees but trees here before the development was built so they are basically trees nobody would want or plant in their yard. They also block the light from the sun around our pool so the pool area is covered with shade which makes the pool cold and the patio around the pool grows mold from being without sun. Then the new neighbors on the other side of the house have a fence full of termites and the owner just laughted at hubby when he said their fence was full of termites-they have two yapping rat dogs that always bark and we are waiting for them to get in our yard through the rotting bottom fence that is starting to fall apart.
    Lesson to learn-check out the yard and neighbors trees/fence line before you buy a house. I would have never bought this house if I realized how bad the tree situation would be. Of course the people who lived here put the pool in the worst place in the yard, literally as close to the two fences as possible, I don't know why they did this.
    The neighbor on the other side hates trees/plants and does not have one in his yard and hubby has to cut every plant that may hang over/on their fence. He told hubby he killed the plants the neighbor on the other side of his front yard was growing on their property line because he didn't like them. I would gladly let him kill the plants hubby planted out front, he planted way too many plants it is like the hoarder yard for plants and hubby goes crazy if I cut one branch off a tree.

    Now for a super nice story my friend's sister is very ill and last year a few neighbors got together when she was in the hospital and planted the most beautiful flower and herb garden in her front yard (with her hubby's permission) so she had a beautiful view when she looked out the window while in recovery. I thought this was the nicest thing I ever heard of.
    There is one state (I forgot which one-I read about it under cancer support) that has a program that if you have cancer, volunteers will come to your home and plant a beautiful farden for you. The article on it was so cool and I wished I saved it. Sadly it was not in the state my friend lives with that has cancer and can no longer garden.
  14. In one of my prior apartments, I have a huge patio and I filled it with flowers and plants. It was the most awesome patio in our area of the complex. A really bad storm came rolling in one day, so I left work early to get my plants down. I was worried that they would become projectiles and fly into a window or hurt someone. As I was putting them into a utility room, I noticed a couple of plants were missing. But by that point, the starm was hitting hard, so I figured they had already been blown away.

    The next day, I saw them on a third-story patio. I went up to ask about them and offer to pay for any damage they may have caused, since I thought they somehow got blown up there. The crazy lady said that she took them to keep them safe and since I didn't go looking for them that night, she was keeping them...apparently, I didn't care about my plants enough to properly care for them. I decided not to challenge the crazy bish because I was scared that she would come take all my plants!
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