Show your Tiffany & Co. Collection; *PICS*

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  1. This is so beautiful. I have the mini in RG & it's just such a classic piece that I'm sure will stand the test of time (& trends)! xMMx
  2. Congratulations! It really is stunning!
  3. I thought u had it MM!!!
  4. Sure do Caz! xMMx
  5. Wow. That's a great Mother's Day present..your kids have good taste :smile: It looks wonderful. I remember you were contemplating some mommy jewelry...can this be engraved?
  6. Thanks! Actually it was the pics u posted of your pendant that inspired me to consider this. I had not particularly noticed this before :smile:.

    Thanks! Yes i really love it lots ;)

    Haha, My kids are too young to actually choose it for me, so i bought it for myself (using DH's money lol :graucho:)

    Yes, it can be engraved but i have not decided yet if i want to do it. It looks pretty enough as it is.
  7. Gorgeous! I don't see these on the website yet though, what material is the black part?
  8. Thank you! The black is a silk cord and on the bottom there are two gold beads which are cute! T&CO emailed me about them on May 2, they had them on the website for a couple of days and disappeared after that, my SA said it was because they sold out of them and aren't getting them back in until the end of the month. You might try calling the 1-800 number and asking them if any stores have them which is what my SA did for me.
  9. Here is a pic I took of the email they sent me

  10. My e-ring and wedding band. The baguette band is custom but I like to stack it up with the other two.

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  11. I LOVE your rings; especially your gorgeous e-ring!
  12. Thanks for the info, I'm located outside the US but I'll ask my SA about them. I do hope they are within my budget!
  13. Thank you. I hope you will find yours soon.
  14. I want the tsavorite one! it disappeared from the website and I haven't been able to find it in stores yet....

    these look great on you!
  15. Thank you sweetie you're always so sweet!!! I couldn't believe how fast these sold out online! My SA said the one that was the most limited was the tanzanite one, I feel very lucky to have gotten one! I'm sure they will restock them by the end of the month, let us know if you get one!