Show your Tiffany & Co. Collection; *PICS*

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  1. Total impulse buy today. Never bought earrings over $5 before and haven't worn any since I was about 10 years old. I've recently been feeling that now that I'm a 30 year old woman, I should own and wear a nice pair of diamond earrings. Presenting my new purchase: Tiffany Circlet Diamond Earrings ('regular" size, not mini):

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  2. What an amazing 'impulse buy', hahah! They look gorgeous on you. Well done.
  3. gorgeous! what a great first pair of earrings :smile:
  4. They look fabulous!
  5. Love that bracelet. Any pics of it on? :graucho:
  6. I just bought the Tiffany Script Notes narrow band ring in Sterling Silver and wore it for an hour and it turned my finger black! I have never had this reaction to any of Tiffany's Sterling Silver and I have worn 7+ different Sterling Silver rings from Tiffany. I find this very very strange. I guess I have to return it :sad: Does anyone know why this is happening with only this specific ring?
  7. Yes actually :smile:

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    Here are some pics of my bracelets stacked. I hope it's helpful for you :smile:

  9. Hi there :smile: Yes, I am a rider. I have two horses named Sky and Tuff and they are my babies!
    Here's Tuff:

    Me and Tuff on his first ride:

    Sky watching over Tuff when he was a baby:
  10. they're beautiful! omg tuff as a baby is soooo cute!
  11. Hi, I've actually post this earlier in the chit chat thread but seems like i couldn't get any help there.
    I repost here and hope anyone can shed a light here.

    I bought a YG mini heart key pendant. I notice that the norm Tiffany stamped on my key is "Tiffany & co. Italy".
    When I look at another RG mini heart key pendant, the words stamped on it are "Tiffany & co." only.

    I asked the SA about this but she was not able to answer too.
    Is that normal that all YG mini heart key pendant are stamped with "Tiffany & co. Italy" instead of "Tiffany & co." only?

    Anyone can help?

  12. Your photos bring back memories! Boy, are your horses sweet!