Show your Tiffany & Co. Collection; *PICS*

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  1. They're gorgeous pieces! I love the charms too :smile:
  2. Thank you :smile:
  3. my retired globe cuff links

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    This is a collection of charms from my husband and a couple from my children.
  5. Is that ring tiffany's too?
  6. Just received my mini bead bracelet with Rubedo charm. :smile:

  7. This is just a shot of what I'm wearing today, but I"ll have to take a pic of my collection...sorry for the bad shots... quick pics!

    Toggle Heart Bracelet and Heart Ring... and yes I love hearts! :P

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  8. I love it. Looks good with your love bracelet.
  9. I am really liking your nails.
  10. Awww thanks so much! I've been getting a lot of compliments on them and this is my first time doing those sticker polish strips and they are fabulous, I plan on getting a lot of other prints, etc... They are on Day 3 (crossing fingers) that they last til Day 10 like they are suppose to!
  11. Perfect match!!!
  12. Cute
  13. I'm really loving that mini Rubedo bead bracelet. That's on my wish list. I drool (well, not literally) every time I see pictures of it.
  14. Me toooo!! :smile:)
  15. I went into Tiffanys with my boyfriend (future fiance) on saturday. I of course have always wanted a tiffanys ring, my boyfriend likes them but he does not like the price. A woman asked me if i wanted to try anything on. I have always had my eye on the tiffany soleste so i pointed to the smallest soleste they had on display and i put it on. omg! it was the most gorgous thing ever. my face lit up and my boyfriend saw that. :smile: his face lit up too. we walked out of the store and he turned to me and said "babe. that is your ring. no other ring would even compare to that one" all i could do was jump and hug him!:smile: we have a consultation to order MY ring:smile: i love him so much!:smile:

    Tiffany Soleste, .77 carats. i dont know the cut or clarity but it was 11,000. i have a 3.75 finger:smile:

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