Show us Your MK Shoes!

  1. Congrats! They gorgeous!

    I have many many pairs of MK shoes, boots and sandals. I think they are stylish and comfortable.
  2. my 2 new shoes :biggrin:


  3. This is the only pair of MK shoes I own, bought them in 2007 and they're my old faithfuls! Love them!!:smile:
    Coach Bags 4 Sale 003.JPG Coach Bags 4 Sale 002.JPG Coach Bags 4 Sale 001.JPG
  4. The wedges are beautiful! I would wear them all summer long!
  5. I just got these today...I saw them several weeks ago and I knew I had to have these adorable chunky 70's platforms! At the time, they were still pre-order on the MK website. They remind me when I was a little girl admiring my big sisters' *grown up* platform shoes!!!

    Kors by Miichael Kors newman sandals:

    Kors by MK newman sandal.jpg
  6. I've just started with MK
    image-918110186.jpg image-1916190885.jpg image-1024256456.jpg image-3562271575.jpg
  7. Well it looks like you have one helluva start!

    Gorgeous collection so far!:graucho:
  8. I might have to get a couple more pairs because his shoes are to die for!
    MK shoes 1.JPG MK shoes 2.JPG MK shoes 3.JPG

  9. I LOVE the first pair! Those are to die for :smile:
  10. [​IMG]
    Picked these up today at DSW.
  11. Michael, Michael Kors Sondra sandal in luggage $98

  12. [​IMG]


  13. Love these also!!!
  14. Mine 

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  15. What are these called and do you know if they come in a cognac or luggage color??? Need some asap. Please let me know thank you!