Show us Your MK Shoes!

  1. ITA. Simply stunning. I wonder if they'd be comfortable.

    The Berkley's are great, but haven't been able to go long hrs in them. So I'm considering getting these as well
  2. Cute!
    I have to put Foot Pedals in all my shoes. I buy them a tiny bit big and then put the cushions in them. It helps so much.
  3. They are comfy! There is a lot of support with all the leather around your foot.
  4. My SA sent me a pic of these today. They are cute.
  5. these are spicy!
  6. Pretty. Which one's are these, so want to check them out.

    I checked out the Nora online, I'm adding her to my wish lust. Is she a 4" or a 4.5". I'm getting vertigo(in a good way) just looking at how tall and beautiful she is. :smile:

    The Berkley slips on some surfaces for me, and I need to tread carefully. I haven't used her much bcoz of that.
  7. Those are so cute and I think being a wedge they'd be awesome.
  8. He didn't tell me the name of them, but they just came in. They are $195. I wrote back and asked if they come in other colors. He hasn't replied yet.

    I'm not sure how tall the Nora is. I'll go look. :biggrin:
  9. The heel, from tip to very top, is 4.5. The platform is .5 inches.
  10. 6648721_raw.jpg
  11. Does anyone own any MK flats? Are they comfortable?
  12. Here are my MK shoes! Sorry for the cell phone picture, my camera isn't working.
    MK shoes.jpg
  13. ^^GORGEOUS!!!! I want a pair of his sandals come spring/summer~!!~!
  14. So I'm going to revive this old thread... MK shoes must not be getting much love lately.

    I haven't been buying many shoes lately, but recently ordered 2 pairs; both of which are MK. The first pair arrived already...


    I have wide feet, so I did have to have them stretched a bit in the toe box. I haven't worn them out yet, but they feel like they'll be relatively comfy LOL.

    I also have a pair of the Nadia pumps on their way to me :smile:

    Is no one else wearing his shoes anymore?