Show us Your MK Shoes!

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  1. Super haute!!
  2. Ok thanks for the advice I ordered a bigger size and will try your tip.
  3. After receiving defective sandals and exchanging them my shoes arrived. I love them and they are more comfy since I got a bigger size.

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  6. Got this pair from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

    - 'Charm' Moccasin -

    Love it! :hbeat:

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  7. Love them !
  8. Where fashion and shopping are concerned, I am becoming convinced that the pieces I purchase are almost destined to find me. These MK platform pumps are a perfect example. I first spied their lovely countenance at DSW in...2009? 2010? Somewhere in there. Alas, I was poor at the time and could not afford them. Several months later, I happened to be in a different DSW in my area and wandered back to the clearance racks. Lo and behold, there they lay in their topless box, forlorn of their original tissue paper and paperboard. And 30% off. I threw caution to the wind and swept them up in a rescue mission of fashion and they have brought grace and class to every outfit and closet since. :smile:

    Also, I may or may not be wearing them right now as I lie atop my bed. Have I mentioned how painless they are to wear?

    The picture below is not mine, I found a larger pair that are being sold on eBay. Regrettably, the size is a full size too big, otherwise I'd have purchased them already as a backup pair! I am new to the forums and haven't learned how to post my own photos yet. My sincerest apologies.
  9. here's a quick shot of my MK heels.

    i bought the black ones two year agos from a marshalls. i got the leopard ones 6 months ago from the same marshalls, haha. and i just picked up the tilly mules from macys on clearance, i needed a white shoe and love these. so comfy.

    classic platform black leather, cheetah classic slide, vanilla tilly mules.


    my new mules:heart:
  10. I got a GREAT deal on these MK Sandals at Macys, this evening 1 Day sale!
    The Sondra Sandal reg $ 98 Sale w/ coupon $20.00
    The Kami ankle strap wedge - reg $110 Sale w/ coupon $22.00:woot:
    End of the summer sandal sale. I will still be able to get some use out of these here in Virginia.

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  11. excellent finds!!!
  12. Though summer is ending and fall hasn't really started, I am already dreaming about winter fashion :P I have my eye on a brown pair of Michael Kors riding boots and I was wondering if anyone has ever purchased a pair of MK boots and what kind of quality are they usually? Same for anyone who has purchased MK leather shoes in general, if they are comfy or hold up well. Thanks :smile:
  13. ~My newest addition to my MK footwear, I loved them so much I wore them out the store since I had a coordinating outfit and my jet set travel tote in luggage. These are the MICHAEL Michael Kors Fulton Moccasins in "Luggage" :smile: great driving shoe!~

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  14. Don't know the name of these sandals, but I bought them from Winners for $3!

  15. MICHAEL Michael Kors Palm Beach Espadrilles
    •4.5" jute-wrapped wedge heel

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