Show us your COACH secondhand BARGAINS!!

  1. Thanks! Looking forward to seeing your find!
  2. haha you're so funny!! I was so excited to find these. I sent the little pink demi to my aunt and she loved it! I also gave the dot demi to my best friend and she loved it too!! I was very excited!! And as you know I kept the Willis for myself ; )
  3. I just bought this Friday. I've been looking so hard for a bag with: a top handle, a detachable cross-body strap, at least one internal zipped compartment, and smooth (not pebbled) leather. This was the first I've found that met all those criteria and did not cost an outrageous amount of money.
    But I think I may have paid too much!:sad: (At least, by my frugal criteria.)
    Does anyone know anything about this bag? To my eye, it dates to the 90's?
    IMG_2266.JPG IMG_2267.JPG IMG_2268.JPG
  4. These are pretty rare. I haven't seen too many on eBay. The larger vintage bags always go for more. It looks like it is in excellent shape as well. You probably got a good deal. You can tell a lot about the age from the creed. If the serial number is all numerical digits, then your purse is pre-1994. If there is a letter in the first digit, then the second digit represents the year it was made. In that case, the numbers after the dash are the style number. If you post this, including a picture of the creed on the Identify thread, someone will tell you the name and the year this was made.

  5. Wow...I love this classy!! And it looks to be in awesome shape. I'd have been willing to pay more than my usual amount to find that rare of a bag in that good of condition.
  6. Possibly the cutest thing ever! $49.99 new without tags! Listed on eBay for $299!
  7. Great finds!! I've been dying to share mine.

    I found both of these on Craigslist in ONE day I couldn't believe it. The blue one I drove an hour return for and got it for $200, it sold for $430 on eBay as it needed a small repair.

    The graphite one my fiance drove 1.5 hours for the next day after offering an extra $20 for her to hold it, and got it for $110 total. It sold on eBay for $300.

    Not too shabby a profit for one day of treasure hunting I'd say, wish everyday was like that :p

  8. Very cool. You think like I do....if I'm not gonna carry it, I always try to flip it and make some $!!
  9. This little gal is TOO CUTE for words!! Great deal!

    and on a side note: I'm suffering Coach "bargain find" withdrawals. My fave thrift shop has been running half off coupons and all their stock is horribly picked over. I did get a nearly mint Kate Spade for $15 but that's not Coach, so I won't take up extra space on here showing it!! But it took the edge off my withdrawal LOL.
  10. I love the Bleecter Hobo w/ tattersall lining. This retailed, I think, for $448. I found her for $99. The Preppy Mix fob was $58 and I found her for $28. Yet another GREEN bag. I can't get enough apparently. The little Legacy "book" in photo is that small Japanese calendar/bookcover combo I'd found on ebay. It holds my 2 year planner pretty nicely. That wasn't reallty a deal, just something I "had to have".

    By jessi319 at 2012-04-24​
  11. Here are mine! I sent the bag to JAX to get the turn lock repaired and now it is as good as new!
  12. This is very cute!

    Some day I will get a group shot of all my vintage bags since all were purchased on ebay/etsy and I think the most I spent was $60 for my one red bag because I had to have it. The rest cost me around $20. I'm not including shipping because I live in Canada and shipping is atrocious! I think I spend more on shipping to get my bags compared to what I actually win them for.
  13. I know what you mean about the withdrawals!! I feel like i've hit some kind of dry spell myself when I went out on my run yesterday until I found this little bag......not exactly vintage but a steal none the less at $5.99. I think its some kind of hampton demi crossbody.
    hampton demi 009.JPG hampton demi 010.JPG hampton demi 011.JPG
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  14. Great colour! Are you going to give her a little clean and post on the rehab thread? Please?!