Show us your COACH secondhand BARGAINS!!

  1. I do have a few to show off, but I can't really post pics without getting an error. :pout:
    I'll try to get some up on Flickr and post a link.
  2. Thank you!
  3. .50! I am coming shopping with you!! So pretty!
  4. 50 cents!?!?!?!??! So jealous!!! I wanna play...I wanna play!!!!!!!!!!! ok where do I start?! I found all of these a couple weeks ago at my local thirft store.
    hampton demi pouch 4.9.12.JPG willis 005.JPG dot bag 010 4.9.12.JPG
  5. My bargains aren't as good as thrift store finds, but I think I did pretty good on eBay. For some reason, my uploaded photos aren't showing.
  6. Let's try this again:
    1. Pinnacle Erin orig $798, bought in new condition for $235
    2. Emmie flap $15.29
    3. Gramercy wallet $13.94
    4. Poppy patent coin wristlet $34.95
    5. Madison wallet free with purchase of purse
    6. Thompson slim tote $119
    erinsmall009.jpg purse001.jpg gramercywallet006.jpg poppy coina019small.jpg wallet018.jpg thompson023small.jpg
  7. Great finds-love the dots!
  8. Wow! You did good:smile:! The little Emmie is my favorite.
  9. OMG what an amazing deal, lucky you!

    This deal is bordering on ridiculous....50 cents!!! I would have snatched that up! I'm such a sucker for kisslocks.

    William you know I already expressed my jealousy at these amazing finds. Hate you! Kidding, of course :p

    WOW. I love all of these! The Pinnacle is gorgeous, the Emmie is adorable, the coin purse is so cute and I never saw it before. And that slim tote....what a bargain! Great finds!
  10. These are great!! That Thompson tote is TDF!!
  11. I've gotta say, you lucked out finding a store having a clueless price gunner :biggrin: These deals are amazing
  12. I'm not a rehabber by any means, far from crafty and anything I try to DIY becomes a my best deals have been eBay/Bonz finds

    Plum Patent Lindsey $498 - scored for $155
    Navy Sage $698 - scored for $240

    Great thread OP, I can't believe some of the things you ladies have found!!!
    image-563917452.jpg image-3916897301.jpg
  13. I love this thread . I think I've reached my saturation point for the plethora of newness that Coach throws at us. I love seeing all your treasures.
  14. I have shown these bags before so you may be tired of seeing them, but my all-time favorite "second-hand bargains" are my 4 Italian-made Coach bags from the 1990s.

    From left to right: Black Carlyle 4401 ($8), Beechnut Gracie 4413 ($2), Black Gramercy Zip 7001 ($45), and Beechnut Royalton ($10)

    So my entire 4-bag Italian Coach collection cost a total of $65, that's not bad!