Show us your COACH secondhand BARGAINS!!

  1. I bought a bag for $39.98, resold it for $49.99, then the buyer resold it for $129.99! I'm feeling a little sick now.
  2. Two eBay scores
    The first is a Legacy Soft Flap in blue I got for $22.00. I didn't even know if it was authentic at the time, lol.
    The second is a brand-new "damaged" Liquid Gloss Hippie with a little smudge on the back. I got her for a measly $79.99 off of eBay.

    I do love my eBay, lol.
    rsz_wp_000166.jpg rsz_wp_000200.jpg
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  3. Ugh, I don't blame you.
  4. I never get tired of seeing these gorgeous gals!!
  5. oooh.....great scores!!
  6. pretty ...I love that flap in blue! and what a steal for the Liquid Gloss Hippie!!

  7. uggg...I hope to not find any of my flipped bags being resold at such a huge profit like that LOL...Karma owes you some newly found treasures after that!!
  8. WOW!!! What bag was it? ( if you don't mind sharing)
  9. I found these two at my local SA for $1 each !!! They cleaned up really well


  10. $1 !!???? WOOOOAH. that's awesome
    Honestly, I listed it twice before it sold. I had good pictures. I was disappointed when I bought the bag because it wasn't in as good of shape as I expected. It is a tiny bag and not an unusual color so there isn't a lot of demand for it. However, you only need one buyer. There was another one in blue listed for $109 that didn't sell, and IMO that one was much nicer. Now I am thinking about pricing all my bags really high on BINs and just waiting.
  12. This auction has it listed as "New"..... so you mean you got one and resold it that was a used one? And saw that this particlar one sold for much higher? Or IS THIS your old bag??? I've sold so many that are in wonderful vintage condition and can barely ever get more than $30 to $50...ever. IT is depressing since I clean them up first. If I could get them to sell for $49 on a regular basis I'd be thrilled. But.... yes, if you are patient and can afford to wait it out, you can do a buy it now, and eventually it could find a buyer. I"m not that patient. I always wonder what makes some of these bags sell high sometimes!!
  13. It was new and had the partial tag still attached. However, it was missing the hangtag. The new seller apparently added that. It also had several dents in it from storage, but I had never used it. I bought it in the same condition that I sold it. I only had it for a few months. I think $50 was a fair price for it.
  14. Yep, then I would be totally annoyed too that someone flipped it for over double!!
  15. How lovely! I especially like the Gracie and the Gramercy. Wonderful finds; amazing prices.
    I just bought a new-to-me Coach this week at a consignment shop. I will try to take and upload photos tomorrow.