Show us your COACH secondhand BARGAINS!!

  1. Yes these bags are just so wonderful. Having handled so many of the real deal inside and out doing these rehabs, I have a pretty good FEEL for the quality by now and honestly these bags are better than the new leather Coach, and as good or better than some of my other vintage's kind of like the TDF leather on some Court bags. IT's not like Coach bags are SOOOO expensive (like chanel etc) to make a fake bag of this good quality hardly worth your while, either.

    you know, I think waaay back when I bought that first brown one I had this dyslexic thing going in my head and saw the E and thought the month of May instead of reversing it to the right order and seeing it as the spot where the plant code is. duh! but otherwise, it's pretty identical to the black so that makes a person feel there is strength in numbers when it comes to an authentic bag.

    Thank you...I do get lucky more often than not. If only my local shops didn't charge on the "high" side I'd feel a bit better about chancing it from now on.

    I think that's true. And, again, I could carry this bag down the street in front of all us "regular Coach loving gals", and we'd all go.."oh look, a Taft!!" and I don't think any of us would be thinking..."hmmmm, wonder if there's a fake Italy code in that bag " LOL. Except Hyacinth LOL.

    you're percentages are good. I hope the rest of my huge rehab pile holds up under scrutiny though, when the times comes to show it to "H and the A's." :rochard:
    Especially since I RARELY find a good used Coach for under $10 in this area of over-priced thrift stores. A lot of my faves were more like $12 to $15 each!
    Thanks for understanding my pain, you guys!! I'll probably carry them for my shopping trips. I'd already thoroughly rehabbed the black one because I was so sure she was ok. I won't bother with the brown though I love the color!!
  2. I wouldn't actually call this a bargain, but....
    I got outbid on a Parker hippie on eBay. Then a few weeks later, it was relisted. I had bid only $1 less than the winning bid, so I don't understand why I didn't get a SCO. Well, this time, there was only one other bid so I got it for $14 less than I would have paid if I had gotten the SCO. So I feel like I scored.
  3. good for you!!! sounds like a deal to me!
  4. Thanks. I was sort of mad about not being offered a SCO and I almost contacted the seller to ask for it but now I'm glad I didn't. I wonder if she is kicking herself.
  5. Congrats, sometimes patience pays off! I wonder why some sellers don't offer second chance offers-maybe they think they can score more $$?

    I did a BIN on my treasured black kisslock tote, the seller had listed it for $129 and I had it in my watch list, when it didn't sell twice, she relisted it at $79 and I snagged it. Total score, it's in beautiful condition.
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    So, I thought I'd share my lil second hand story...I had to take my car to have the emissions tested today and the little "kiosk" is in the same parking lot as my local Goodwill. I figured, what the heck, you never know...and wandered in.

    So I DID find a Coach bag! LOL...brown, with hangtags, priced at $9.99. I did a search here and eBay and came up with "Manor Bag". I carried around for awhile and looked at some other stuff. Finally I decided to put it back. If it had been less I might have grabbed it, but I don't really need any more brown bags, it's WAY too close to my Anderson zip size & stylewise. I figured someone else might take her home and love her. I almost wish I had a little "How to Wash & Rehab this bag" business card I could have left inside her. She was in good shape and would have looked great with a little dip, shaping and conditioning.

    So I poked around a bit more and as I was heading out the door-literally on the end cap in front of the register...I find these guys:


    Louie Lobo Bobbleheads! He's the mascot from the University I graduated from and work at. They were $.99 so I picked up a dozen. :roflmfao:

    I had been looking for one of these for years and mentioned to my friend that if she ever sees one, to let me she bought one at auction and gave it to me for XMAS! I felt kind of bad texting her that I found a bunch for $.99 because who knows how much she spent on mine, but she also graduated/works at the university, and I knew she'd want to know...she asked me to grab a couple for her also.

    My husband will get a kick out of this and since my kids will (hopefully, eventually) be getting their degrees there, I figure I've got homes for at least 6 or 7 of these babies. :smile: I have a friend in another office who I work closely with who will also probably end up with one of these for they were a bargain.

    Since they are team mascots, they also know the COACH of the team so this is not totally off topic, right?

    I love little Santas too and picked up this "like new" dude for $.99

  7. Great! I often watch things that are priced too high, hoping that the seller will relist them cheaper. That is amazing that she lowered the price so much. Usually the ones I watch only get lowered a few dollars when they are relisted.

    Not only am I glad that I was able to get this purse cheaper, but it is a style I have been wanting for a really long time - the perforated op art Parker.

    I think a lot of sellers don't bother with SCO because the buyers often think it is a scam. I have accepted a few of them. Once I got a wristlet for $9 - I must have been about the fifth highest bidder - I guess the seller just really didn't want the hassle of relisting.

    I also took a chance and bought a gathered wallet on ebay. I wasn't going to since there have been counterfeit ones, but I just got it and it looks good. It is raspberry! which is still on the site for $248 and I got it for $163.50 NWT! That is the most I have ever spent on a wallet. I think one of the reasons it didn't get more bids was because the seller called the color cherry rather than raspberry.
  8. Again, yay for badly listed items! I'm glad yours worked out. Of course, that's how I got my fake little Rambler's Legacy. I have to say when I pulled it out of the package I ooh'd at the nice soft leather, but it didn't hold up to scrutiny, it's not as well done as the Taft. I'll post it in the authenticate thread before I "deface" it, but the stitching issues alone are enough to condemn her, and there are a couple other questionable things about that bag. I now have a navy original Rambler and I'll keep the "little one" around for awhile to see if I need it. What finally convinced me not to trash it was a cute little picture of someone wearing one...darn it.

    And I agree it hardly seems worth it to use such quality materials on a fake bag. I can see the profit potential in a fake siggy bag but some of these old leather styles can't make as much money. Of course they're saving a fortune on overhead, street corner vs luxury store.

    And I truly did luck out on that kiss lock tote! When I saw how much she marked it down I had to re-read the entire listing, double check the seller didn't have other issues the first time around, and once I was satisfied, I swear my hands were shaking when I hit the BIN! What if someone else gets it before me! I :heart: that bag too!

    And speaking of $79 deals, I don't know if any of you saw the used Amethyst Bridget on eBay? It was obviously used, but darn if wasn't the color I was looking for at a price I could justify. So I snagged it. I can't believe NO ONE else bid, I figured someone would sneak in a bid and at least raise it to the $80's somewhere. So I got it today and I really like it. It has hangtags, care card, and dustbag. There is a little wear on the piping which was disclosed, so used a little BlackRocks on just the back side to see how it looked, and it helped a lot:

    Here's a comparison shot, the conditioned side is obviously on the right:


    That's after it "soaked in" for a couple of hours. I'm very happy with it for the price I paid. So many times I end up settling for not quite the color I wanted when I pick up something like this, but this is my first choice. See how preeetty she is? :cool:

  9. I was kicking myself when I saw this listed because I bought one about a month ago for over $100. And I was bragging about what a good deal I got. Believe me, I would have bid if I didn't already have it. Congratulations!
  10. I saw this one, too. She is beautiful. I started to post it in the deals thread. But, I decided against it because it was such a good price. I knew there were probably several people at least watching. I'm with you all, yay for poorly listed items. My biggest score was a black large embellished Sophia for BIN 150. It was listed as "gently used Coach handbag satchel". There was a starting bid price of 50 and someone actually bid 50. But, the BIN remained. The bag was just drooping on a hook in one of the pictures. But, there was a shot of the creed. I wanted to be sure it was a large so I was trying to research the style number. My heart was pounding because I just knew someone would see this bag and get it while I was checking on the style number. It has already been listed a couple of days. When I was sure it was the large, I snagged it! The seller said there were scratches on the metal. And, that was the only damage. Well, the scratches were actually adhesive. It rubbed right off. No damage and the inside clean. No stains anywhere. :biggrin:
  11. Thanks for not posting it ;) I hesitate to do that because it suddenly becomes not so much a deal, and there are very few real deals that get missed. If I know someone is looking for something I might PM them, but I usually don't do it publicly.

    In fact, there is a little bag I'm looking at right now that I have my fingers crossed no one will find. I was wishing I had a bag just that size and color all weekend last week when I was at an event for work...if only no one else finds it I might get a deal on something I've really kinda needed. :cool: School colors and everything!
  12. Thanks! It works out OK though right? We've both got one and we might well have bid each other over $100 on this one and still only one of us had one. She's so pretty I kinda want to go somewhere just to use her. :smile:

    I just noticed I spelled it "Bridget" above, must have been my auto correct...maybe I should set up a search spelled that way? :graucho:
  13. I have taken her out to dinner. She is kind of a pain to use. The pockets don't stay open and the chain seems to get in the way when I am trying to access the contents. But she is gorgeous. I think even though she isn't as functional as some of the larger legacy items, she is the prettiest. I am a sucker for kisslocks. I have to admit that after I got her, I got the silver and rose ones too! If I see an aqua, I may not be able to resist.
  14. I know what you mean. I got my HG from the deals section so I am very grateful that someone posted it. But you know how I love the geometric bag? The only color I didn't have was red and there was one listed. I was so worried that someone would post it and then it would be priced out of reach. Thankfully, no one did so I was able to complete my collection without spending a fortune.
    I've stopped trolling ebay for awhile because I have to stop. I can't keep buying everything I want.
  15. There was a little white one that just ended, did you see it? I actually checked your thread to make sure you had the white, I was pretty sure you did, but I would have PM'd you if not. It went for a fairly decent price, 50ish? I had it on my list but I would have only bid on it if it stayed really low, because I don't need a white bag. I'd love to find that one in a cool color though.

    I had my fingers crossed that no one found the Bridgit, and I'm the same way with this one little bag I'm looking at...and I swear I'm going to stop after this one!