Show off your handbag straps!

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  1. I think the satchel version came out in 2015 or 2016. I think it was quickly discontinued and I didn’t see much love for it on here. Only 1 other person in the Diorama thread had it in a teal color. You do have some beautiful Dioramas by the way.

    You’re right the only way to know it wasn’t made specifically for the bag is to really see it up close and/ or hold it. It’s not hollowed out like the original strap so it’s heavier. The quality of these Mautto straps seem to be there.

    I kind of wish Dior sold replacement straps like LV but I guess that’s better for my wallet that they don’t.

    I posted about it on the Dior sub forum and no response about’s so quiet over there.

    And thank you for reassuring me and for the compliment.

    Have a great day!
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  2. ...

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  3. Does anyone recommend an online or ebay store to buy straps, other than designer ones?
  4. I always buy mine from Amazon.
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  5. Etsy. Lots of different options. For an entire company, Mautto.
  6. silver Proenza Shouler strap

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  7. Off White strap
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  8. Another combination
    Yes :yes: I love this strap :lol:

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  10. Love straps and how they transform a bag, sadly it’s getting harder to find good ones.
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  11. [​IMG]
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  12. What do people of think of this Ferragamo strap with the Diorever? BE0FC28F-17A3-4899-BAA9-A1D889A986D2.jpeg
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  13. Love how my strap adds personality to my Loewe puzzle bag!

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