Show off your handbag straps!

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  1. I'm a late participant in the handbag strap trend. My early resistance was that most were reminiscent of guitar straps which have a bit of a boho vibe which isn't a match for my personal style. Plus, I was shell shocked by the prices. I don't mind spending 4 figures on a bag. But the idea of doing so on a strap was a complete no go. :no: LOL!

    But, as the trend has matured, straps in different styles and price ranges have emerged. And, I've bought this amazing strap from Coach! It's a divine / chewy thick leather with excellent craftsmanship, great functionality with the wide profile for comfort and the mini straps at each end to discreetly adjust the length and oh so cute details like a mini Dino charm OMG!!!! I absolutely LOVE it! IMG_1473.JPG
    Plus!!! It's PERFECT for multiple bags I own. I bought it with my Fendi By the Way in mind and it's all I could want and more. This $150 strap elevates my $1800 bag. :lol: IMG_1478.JPG It also breathes new life into my Monika Chiang pony hair bucket bag. How cool is it that the chain on the strap coordinates with the chain on the bag's short handle!!! IMG_1475.JPG
    And perhaps the biggest impact is on my Roberto Cavalli tote! WOW! This is transformational! Not only does it enhance the look but it also greatly enhances the functionality of the bag. It already has shoulder straps with a good drop but with the new strap, this is now a super functional crossbody travel tote!! IMG_1476.JPG IMG_1477.JPG
    I'm sharing this first because I'm thrilled and surprised with how much one strap will do for multiple bags. Second, I want to see your lovely straps and hear how they've enhanced your bags and your life! And third, I'm hoping to get suggestions for straps for my salmon pink (Tamaris) and bright red (Fuoco) Prada double zips in hopes of giving them much needed new life! :pray: I'd love something colorful that incorporates a bit of the bag color and is feminine and classic in style for these bags. (Not boho or edgy) I'm ok to a price point up to about $500ish but would prefer $250ish or less. Please share your ideas. :smile:
    IMG_1504.JPG IMG_1505.JPG So, let the games begin. Show off your bags with their new straps!
  2. Here's my "wall of straps" and then the latest addition!! I adore how they change my bags. I use them on my Dior (r)evolutions and addicts for the most part. Cool thread! IMG_4723.jpg IMG_4988.jpg IMG_7291.JPG
  3. ALSO, Proenza Schouler has some pretty decent straps out right now that might work for your bags. They aren't crazy overpriced either, and are quite long. Probably LV has some fun ones too within range Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 10.53.41 PM.png Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 10.53.16 PM.png
  4. I actually looked at the Valentino one when I looked for threads on this topic and saw yours in that first post you linked. I really like it. It's guitar strap style but elegant. I think the cost drove me away but I need to check again.
    Lovely! What is the second one from the left in your first picture? It's so cute and looks to have both red and salmon pink in it which would allow me to use it for both bags.

    And thanks for sharing PS and LV as leads. I just checked the LV site and saw a couple of cute straps but they were $1000 - $1300. I just can't make myself pay that for a strap (just yet LOL!)
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  6. Has anyone seen straps with gold as a main color. I've seen several pretty silver straps like this from Rebecxa Minkoff and I think LV had one. But the hardware on my 2 Prada is gold so if I can't find one or two colorful ones with the red and salmon pink prominently featured, I'd love to find something with gold heavily incorporated. IMG_1486.jpg
  7. Can I interest you with my MK studded strap? [emoji6][emoji3]
  8. You know I adore this strap (and the bag)!
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  9. I found a cute Kate Spade leather bag strap with hearts that matches nicely with my LV Retiro!
  10. I love your Coach strap! I just wish there was a version with silver hardware... I love gunmetal but have several black and silver hardware bags that I could use it for. Looks great on your bags!

    Also, a bit girly but wouldn’t this Anya Hindmarch strap be cute with your bright red Prada?

  11. 42A33D91-9F36-4113-8238-2B2E3074D3F6.jpeg Just discovered some beautiful and understated Loewe straps. This one would look great with your Prada.
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  12. I saw that and loved it. I'm a sucker for girly. LOL! But I think it's a short strap - not shoulder length? Or am I mistaken?
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  13. Ok. So I found a photo of the AH strap on a bag. It is technically shoulder length. But I would need it to be longer for a regular shoulder length as I'm 5'8" and I prefer the top of my bag to hit just above the hip whereas this looks to hit at the waist. But it truly is adorable! IMG_1631.jpg
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  14. Omg I love that strap!!!
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