Show off your handbag straps!

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  1. Wow you all have such beautiful straps!
    I was missing the one to my bag, so I took an old one and painted it with nail polish. This is sort of a first draft because I have more plane straps. Do you think it looks kind of.. Crappy?
  2. I love it!
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  3. Oh thank you so much! I think it's growing on me..
  4. Just switched into my Michael Kors Bristol floral applique crossbody with new matching strap. 20180816_164529.jpg
  5. Hermes on Hermes
  6. I would have never thought this was DIY. Great job!
    Wowsah!!! :nuts:
  7. Thanks Sparkletastic!
  8. Love!
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  9. Thanks!
  10. IMG_2765.jpg Laurel Dasso
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  11. Beautiful and that bag has gorgeous leather!
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  12. Thank you! it sure does. Laurel Dasso is a gem.
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  13. Here's my little cutie strap. I plan to put it on a couple of different bags. 20180826_074313_wm.jpg
  14. I love industrial style
  15. Love this look! Do you use it as an everyday bag?