Show off your handbag straps!

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  1. This is such a fun thread, thanks for starting it. I just discovered it!!
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  2. Love this thread, I’m also amazed by how one shoulder straps can change the way a bag feels and look!
    Here’s my contribution of Coach strap on a Lunchbox. IMG_1537189571.577857.jpg
  3. Reviving this thread to share my latest find, that I’m thrilled about. I think it may be some type of native made belt (not sure), but it is a lovely one piece woven & beaded sash or belt (?) and it makes a great purse strap for my Longchamp. I couldn’t have imagined anything that I would have liked better. Looks great with a black bag too!
    02AA4427-FF52-4A8D-AC72-31FC1073CFD3.jpeg 7D3E1E29-3D50-4BBD-B59C-B2B5A37DC483.jpeg
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    Love my Off White straps

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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  5. It's perfect with it!!
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  6. [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  7. Unfortunately I have to wait until march for this

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  8. Added a couple Rebecca minkoffs
    IMG_5029.jpg IMG_5028.jpg
    And Coach
    Also finally Hermés
  9. ^^ I love the first three straps
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  10. Off White again
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  11. I love the whole strap trend but like Sparkle I can’t bring myself to spend that kind of money on a strap. I did want to get a chain strap to wear with my Diorama satchel and had the best match IMG_1064.JPG

    It comes with a nice, comfy canvas strap but like the idea of the chain strap for dressier days.
  12. I’m confused. What was the original strap and what did you replace it with? This looks similar to the original strap but I think I see some clasps near the bag hardware at the top.

    Please clarify & show! :smile:
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  13. IMG_0884.JPG

    Here’s a pic of the bag with the original Dior canvas strap.

    Can I say I’m a little happy you’re confused? I was wondering if the new long chain strap was a good match to the shorter one. I think Mautto did a good job sending me a match and was wondering what others thought.


    Here’s a pic of the 2 different straps


    And you can see the bag comes with a permanent short chain strap.
  14. Thanks for sharing!!! I have 3 Dioramas, 2 of which were bought in store of which one which is Ltd edition. I share this because I adore the bags and yet I had no idea that there was a canvas strap version. Where have I been? Lol!!! I also share my love of Dioramas to let you know I have a bit of familiarity with the chains and still wouldn’t have noticed anything odd about your chain in passing. I would have to hold the chain to see the style / weight. And, I’d have to scrutinize it (like I did on your pic) to notice the lobster claw / link attachment. Perhaps post this on the Dior thread to see if hard core evaluators notice it???

    Dior has so much going on right now with straps that I wouldn’t worry about it for one second if I were you. Only we crazy purse hounds know anything about bags.

    Enjoy your new chain on your lovely bag!!
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