Show me your Tacori engagement rings!

  1. nice! it's amazing the quality of phone pics nowadays!! beautiful ring!
  2. Btw...the beach we got engaged at was "diamond beach" in Cape May, NJ :smile:. The pic is from the beach...those are all quartz and when tumbled, they come out looking like diamonds. Way back when, people used to tumble them and trick pawn shops into thinking they were diamonds. People got rich from it! Just a little side story :smile:
  3. Thanks! :smile: I love it!
  4. So pretty! I think this is my favorite halo style ever, it's so discreet and gorgeous. Congrats on such a stunner!
  5. Aw thank you! To be honest, I had never seen it in person before he at first, I was shocked by how dainty the halo was since I am used to seeing larger halos. It was a good shock though! I know lots of people think halos will go out of style, but at least with this one, it's not that obvious
  6. I really can't see this ring ever going out of style! Would love to see profile pics;).
  7. I don't have one at the moment...but it's the signature Dantella basket with the diamonds up the side!
  8. I didn't see this posted here, but each tacori e-ring is touched and worked on by over 30 artists from start to finish. That's what sold us on the ring :smile:
  9. and the detail is all hand engraved at the end, not from a mold! ahh it's all so gorgeous!
  10. I've spent alot of time at the jeweler lately and I always DROOL over the Tacori case. I had never seen such exquisite, detailed rings before. They're pretty amazing.
  11. I will have to check them out! The only time I saw it was online a year before he proposed and he remembered that I loved it! I would love to see them all in person!
  12. Panda - I took a few pictures to show you the set with and without the spacer but my tpf app has decided to hate me today so I'll upload when I get home.
  13. I missed this earlier! That is such a cool story! Have always loved rocks/gems as a little girl...totally wanted to get a tumbler for christmas one year!! :lol:

    :hbeat: thanks!!
  14. Me too!! Rocks always did/do fascinate me! As soon as I found out my diamond had flor, I ran and got a black light! I'm a nerd, but I think it's so cool that I have a "glowing rock" haha
  15. Here are the side pictures. You can see where the spacer pulls it away from the milligrain on the basket...