Show me your Tacori engagement rings!

  2. My dream ring is 2518RD65. It has half moon sapphires as well as diamonds on the halo around the center stone. Does anybody have it?? I'd love to see model pics

  3. We purchased the 2639 which is similiar to the 2620 except with a round halo.... I'll post pictures when I get mines in TWO more weeks!!! It's going to be without pave so i can have an eternity wedding band! Can't wait! Pic in my signature.

    this 4 week waiting period is so brutal!
  4. We went in to look at Tacori bands as well but I didn't like the look of the pave (it didnt SHINE as much as I wanted) so we are going with custom double prong 5 pointer eternity band for me. But here is a picture of me trying on my 2620rd with pave in the store paired with a single prong 3 pointer eternity.


    The 1 carat size is in the showroom version. Mine will be 1.25! so I'm soooo excited! So just imagine that exact set expect with smooth shank and then the eternity will be double instead of single with .05 stones, not .03 shown.... yea. kinda hard to describe.... but I was going to see how it would somewhat look like together since the sample was the small size setting and mine is the medium. !!!

    :yahoo::nuts: so excited! you have no idea!
  5. beautiful ring!!! love it!
  6. mine is coming soon... haha! i know it has been bought i'm just waiting for the bended knee part! but its the 2504rd :smile:
  7. This is my Tacori E-ring in platinum. I have been married for 7 years :biggrin:
    Center stone is 1 carat. My fingers are very tiny so the ring size is a mere 3 3/4 lol
    Sorry for the HUGE picture size :cool:

  8. Thanx! I flubbed though and realized that I wrote the wrong style. It's the 2639, not the 2620. I was *THIS* close o the 2620 and then switched.

    I don't know how all you ladies were able to wait the 4 weeks for this to come in! I can't hardly wait! In fact, we even started wedding planning and putting deposits without the proposal and ring.

  9. This is beautiful! What style number is this??
  10. Your ring is awesome, and your band will be a great compliment to it as well! I love that you didnt go with a "matching" band!
  11. Thank you! It was weird because the "matching" band didn't "match" as well as the other custom band I found.

    I'll update this thread with my own pictures! I forgot to!

    My ring!
    The signature Dantela Tacori basket
  12. And this is my Tacori ering with the non-Tacori custom band I'm having made:

  13. Holy-you-know-what...everyone's rings are gorgeous!
  14. I am so excited to be able to post on this thread! This past weekend DBF and I were out looking at rings and I completely fell in love with a Tacori setting...the next thing I knew we were picking out center stones and signing the paperwork to get it ordered! I still can't believe it happened and I have no idea how I'm going to wait the 4-6 weeks our SA told us it will take!

    Initially, we were going to go with something we found while visiting the Diamond District in NYC, but DBF was getting a little nervous about working with someone out-of-state and not having a local go-to person. I had always been dead set against halos, but as soon as I saw this, I knew I had to have doesn't even seem like a true halo to me, since it sits a little lower than the center's more just a nice piece of frosting!

    We selected the 2628 with sapphire side stones and a 1.5 H VS1 cushion cut center stone.

    This is kind of what it will look like, but instead of the round brilliant pictured, it will have my new cushion. I can't wait until it's here and I can post pictures of the real thing!!!

    Tacori-2628RDSP 2.png