Show me your Tacori engagement rings!

  1. I'm wondering how Tacori rings look like on the hands and not in the enlarged photos they have on their website.

    If you own one, can you share your pictures, please?

  2. I want to see too! I love Tacori!
  3. love love love Tacori!
  4. Love your rings crazzee_shopper! So gorgeous. I adore Tacori.
  5. Thanks canyongirl I adore my rings and tacori styles too! :love:
  6. Gorgeous ring!
  7. wow, beautiful ring crazzee_shopper! here's mine :biggrin: i LOVE tacori!



  8. After drooling over Tacori rings for months, I finally got my very own Tacori! :yahoo:

  9. Does anyone have a 2620 they'd like to share pics of? :flowers:
  10. Here is mine, 2622prmdp. They are both iphone pics, so they are not the best quality, although one is taken with my cool hipstamatic app! Tacori has so many beautiful rings and I always get very genuine compliments on mine.


  11. ^ beautiful ring!

  12. beautiful!