Show Me Your Recent Purchases Part 2!

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  1. thanks Tracy!
  2. Yay! First purchase! (On this thread, I mean)

    I got three polishes from Sally Hansen's Lustre Shine Collection: Lava, Firefly and Copperhead

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  3. OPI DS Reflection.
  4. I got Lava, I love it!
  5. I looked at Plume, too, but it looked too similar to OPI's Just Spotted the Lizard, so I passed.
  6. they're beautiful! from those pics, lava is my favorite.
  7. hot & fresh - new Illamasqua Perseid for 5th brand anniversary - arrived this week. otherwise im on a diet :O)))

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  8. That is beautiful!
  9. fantastic sparkles!
  10. Lava is beautiful!
  11. Excuse the messy nails, heavy duty painkillers and steady hands don't go well together most of the time.

    Some of my recent newbies

    China Glaze "Elfin' Around" with Nubar "Chrystal Ball" over it on the ringfingers.

    Essie the lace is on

    boujours dangerous wish (with nailart)

    Essie skirting the issue (with nailart)
  12. great colors!
  13. Newest addition to my addiction just came in with the mail today.

    Quicky try-out
    Enchanted Polish Mean Mr. Mustard

    My heaven it's beautiful!
  14. thank you ladies! yes, I was totally knocked the minute I saw it - had to have one immediately! %)