Show Me Your Low Colored Diamonds!

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  1. Whoa.. I love your. I like J diamonds.. Not too white and still retain some character.
    I read somewhere that if you have olive or darker skin tones, warmer diamonds look better and vice versa.
  2. Thanks! And I would imagine you're right about skin tone. Although I have blonde hair and brown eyes with medium to fair skin, I quite like them on me too! :P
  3. It just some people opinion i suppose. What you love is what matters.. Ur ring is stunning.
  4. IMG_0310.JPG Thought I would share my latest purchase- 2.03 carat J colour asscher surrounded by a double halo of icy F round brilliants 1.61 in total. I choose a J for a more vintage look. Jewellers photo only at this time
  5. LOL- I guess almost all of my stones belong in here if J is considered low. :smile: (I consider M and under low....with J/K/L in the mid range depending on the stone)

    I like how with a really nicely cut stone in the middle range it draws so much in from its surroundings colorwise. The gives more character and depth to them for my own preferences. I currently have a 1.65 K with medium fluor in an antique 1940's setting. K seemed appropriate for the style of the setting (fishtail prongs).

    Prepare yourselves! It loves to be photographed.... :smile:

    sunsetflower1.jpg ringbling1.jpg rainbowfire.jpg bubblestackjpg.jpg

    And also here is my Old Euro Cut diamond. I wore this for some time as an alternate e-ring. It is currently unset but hoping to be successfully reset for my anniversary this year. Here is its old setting. 1.58 M/N



    Thanks for letting me share!
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