Show Me Your Low Colored Diamonds!

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  1. Lovely rings!! The setting of the solitary is just gorgeous!
  2. I think you have to look online.
    You should ask about this at There are people there who like them and dealers who specially do ideal cuts in the lower colors. If you look around there you should get some information.
    I think they are becoming more popular as diamond prices go up and also because colored diamonds in general are having such a vogue right now that it makes any 'color' (even not fancy) seem like a good thing.
  3. Thanks. I'll ping them and report back.
  4. 1.76 ct. Old Mine cut, K/L, SI2 (EGL-USA cert.)

    You can really see its color from the and adore my low-colored diamond!

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  5. I found a few but really hard to find less than L. I decided to look for other stones.
  6. OMG~!! I die :cool: too bling
  7. Wow! I never saw this thread before. What gorgeous stones! I prefer old cut diamonds to the new brilliant cut. I also don't mind a bit of color. I would rather have an K-L-M and good clarity, instead of white color and lower clarity in a blink!
  8. I would love to look into buying pre-set L-N colored engagement rings... No idea where to start! I find most places just sell H and up... can anyone help?

    Sorry - I'm new - Was just admiring all the gorgeous stones in this thread and was curious.. hopefully I posted in the right spot!

  9. Definitely try, this is the website for TPF member EricaD, she has some beautiful low colored diamonds set in rings.
  10. Absolutely gorgeous stones and settings!
  11. I love low colour diamonds, too!!!! What's more, you can always get a bigger size with a lower colour diamonds
  12. So happy to see this thread resurrected! I've been in-between rings for a loooooong time. For awhile I wore a higher colored stone, but it never suited me. My sweet spot is L/M/N/O range - and BIG, lol.

    I just picked up a new stone for myself! 3.48ct Antique Cushion, uncerted but I think it's around N color, VS clarity. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this diamond! Been searching for a large elongated genuine antique cushion (not newly cut and being passed as old, which is becoming more and more common as the true antiques are re-cut into new "old style" cushions.)

    Sorry in advance for the zillion pics. Have I mentioned how much I love this diamond??? :biggrin:

    Soooo, how should I set it???

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  13. :loveeyes:
    another leon mege?
    or perhaps one of your signature settings? I love the Julia!
  14. Every single Diamond posted is gorgeous! Loving the warm colours.

    Stunning new stone Erica :heart:
  15. Loving all the photos here! Simply stunning!
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