Shoulder bag(s)

  1. Well, I got the most awesome Valentine's Day gift from dh yesterday: a pond shoulder bag :yahoo:

    I can't tell you how much I love it. Even dh likes it, which is amazing since he generally couldn't care less about my bags.

    So now I have 3 shoulder bags :shame: - plum suede, whiskey and pond. It's funny- they're all the same bag, but b/c the colors are so different, they each have their own character!

    And I seriously need to lay off bags for a while. Thankfully, I'll be doing the RAOK, so I can curb the desire to spend by getting things for someone else!
    shoulders 1.JPG shoulders 2.JPG pond.JPG
  2. The pond is really cute! What a nice husband you have :smile: Lucky!!!
  3. Oh wow, great DH! Congrats. That pond is gorgeous!
  4. Very nice!! I absolutely love that color!
  5. :yahoo: Yea!! Gorgeous bag to add to your collection!!!
  6. The pond is beautiful!! What a nice hubby! Congrats
  7. owe ,la la! Im spellbounded!
  8. I love the pond, it's beautiful. And what a terrific hubby you have!
  9. Thanks everyone!

    Dh was (well, still is) really sweet - it's actually the first time we've celebrated Valentine's Day in a "big" way. We went out for dinner in King of Prussia, PA and we stopped by the mall first. On our way out, we passed Coach and he asked if I wanted to pop in (like I'm going to say no). I beelined for the bag (I've been in the store admiring it for 2-3 weeks now!) and told him how much I liked it. He said "then get it"! I also had a merch credit and gift card that covered about half of the cost, so that worked out really well.

    Dh got some stuff too -a pair of Cole Hann boots that he got last night and another pair of shoes I ordered for him (he saw them in a magazine and I tracked down). They should be here tomorrow!

    Thanks again for the nice comments everyone!
  10. aw, your dh is so sweet!!!

    LOVE the bag- and i definately agree that they all look VERY different, even though they're the same bag! enjoy it and wear it well!
  11. Congrats - your bags are beautiful! :yes: Your dh is so sweet.
  12. Nice! My husband will probably forget to even get me a card...
  13. I said something to my hubby about my daughter getting her boyfriend a gift for wednesday, and he said....what's wednesday?? LOL
  14. willowsmom, congrats! What a gorgeous color!
  15. yay! congrats! lovely!:yahoo: