Should you wind a Rolex?

  1. I'm sorry if this is a stupid question but my SA told me that I shouldn't have to wind my watch as long as a WEAR it. He said that Rolex's are made to WEAR and non-usage can actually do harm. Since I'm in the automotive industry I kinda understood what he said.;)

    But anyways...I took my Rolex off for 2 days b/c I was on vacation, at a theme park...riding roller coasters (EEEEEEEE!!!!):yahoo:

    When I returned, I found that my Rolex had stopped. I decided to wind it again and it started right back up. Then I went to get my hair done and the lady who does my hair has a Rolex and said I should NEVER wind it. She said that all I had to do was tap it. She said I probably ruined my watch!:crybaby: :crybaby: And I said, WTF?:rant:
  2. I wind mine almost every 2 days because I'm a stay-at-home mom (sorry, but I'm not going to wear mine around the house to get it covered in cleaning solutions and baby poo) and I've had it for 8 years. It still works great. You didn't ruin it! I bought mine at Torneau and they said each time you wind it...only wind 20 times.
  3. I can breathe now....?THANK YOU:hysteric:
  4. This is what the SA from an official rolex repair center told me. If you are going to wear your Rolex and it has stopped, wind it a few times before wearing it. This will help loosen the oil in the watch mechanism. It is best that you continuously wear your rolex. The reason it keeps stopping is that you have not worn it long enough for the watch to run on its own power reserve.
  5. i was with my parents when they bought their rolexes and they were also told to not wind just wear, so they bought those watch boxes (sorry i dont know the real name for them) but the inside moves around like the watch is being worn...if that makes sense it works for them because they dont wear theirs that often

    we actually bought a box similar to this for my grandparents because they dont wear theirs either (they have matching ones which i think is really cute lol but what the point if you dont wear them!?)

    Gold Pocket
  6. Wow, didn't know you can wind a Rolex. I've had mine for 20 years. I only wear mine a few hours a day when I go out so I have to keep adjusting the time. I don't like to wear jewelry when I'm at home, not even my wedding ring.
  7. I agre w/ everyone.

    2 days off is too long, it'll stop. Even my DH's Tag Carrera stops after 2 days of not wearing. Or put it somwhere where you'll see it and pick it up and give it a twirl or 2 softly to keep it moving.
    You can buy a watch winder, but get one from your jeweler if you need one.
    Some can actually dmage your watch if they don't move the 'right way'.
  8. Of course it's ok to wind your Rolex. It is an automatic (perpetual) movement watch so motion of your hand/wrist keeps the rotor inside wound. But if you don't wear it for a couple of days, the watch will stop and require manual winding to have it functioning again. Simply shaking or tapping the watch isn't sufficient to boost it up - it needs manual winding once it's stopped. In fact it is recommended that if you don't wear your watch (and it's just being stored), to give it a wind every few weeks or month or so to keep the oils distributed.

    Giving it about 40 twists winds it up fully. And don't worry about over-winding. You can't overwind a perpetual watch.

    Or you could buy a watch-winder. I've just bought an Orbita watch-winder which is fully programmable. It is recommended for most Rolexes to be wound at 650 turns per day, in a bi-directional motion. So, my Orbita is set to 650 TPD, alternating from turning clockwise and anti-clockwise. It's fantastic. So far, it's kept it in great time!

  9. Thanks for that info, Sue. Maybe that's why mine needs a lot more winding....I'm only giving it 20 winds. I'll try 40.
  10. Thanks everyone for your advice! This place rocks:jammin:
  11. I've had my Rolex for 20 yrs. and found that unless I wear it every day, it stops. So I just bought a self-winder but it only allows you to choose from clockwise or counter-clockwise. I chose counter-clockwise but can't find any info. about this being the right choice. Can anyone help?
  12. It's definitely OK to wind. :tup:
  13. I was told by an authorized dealer to take it off once a week and put it in the neutral position (the click between the date change and the actual winding) and turn it a couple of times to keep it moving. I wear mine 24/7 so it never really stops or falls behind so they told me its just to keep it in good condition. :shrugs:
  14. I've never wound mine, I am actually scared to pull out the crown and make any changes! I have found that a two day on, one day off keeps mine going.

    Once, when it did stop, I just put it on and wore it all day and then it started moving again. I set the time later that evening.
  15. Interesting thread! I've never wound mine but I did wonder if it was ok to do so.