Should I upgrade my ring?

  1. Recently my SO has been telling me that he wants to upgrade my tiffany 1.52 ct lucida into a bigger one (2-2.5ct).

    We went back to Tiffany and I didnt like the 2.2 ct at all, thinking that it looks too big on me( lucida band getting wider as the diamond gets bigger ). I did think the 2.0 ct rectangular lucida is cute though since the band is not as wide.

    I am not feeling as elated as I should be.:wtf: Is that normal? Somehow I just think that current one is good enough for me. I know some people say the bigger the better but I am just not sure if that's me.

    Is it weird to not want a bigger stone? sorry for the rambling, just a little confused that I wasnt that happy about an upgrade. I told my SO that I'll think about it after seeing a few Tiffany rings.

    TIA for all of your input.
  2. I think it is soooo nice that your SO wants to buy you a bigger diamond!! perhaps you should just wait and think about it a bit, maybe you will know what you really want then.
    I do know what you mean though about chunky platinum as the diamond gets bigger, its good to get a comprimise, but it depends on the scale of your hand too!!
    what a lovely SO though!!!
  3. I actually feel the same way! I tried on a range of rings and was most happy with the look of a 1-1.5 ct. diamond - mine is a classic solitaire though. At around 2-2.5 ct. the diamond was the focus, not how pretty the diamond was on my hand.
  4. I like my diamonds BIG!!! lol..its really a personal preference! If you love what you have then I would just stay with that!
  5. You are a lucky woman that your husband wants to upgrade your e-ring, but if you like the one you have, you can be honest and tell him "I'm really attached to this ring b/c its the first one you gave me"... and play the sentimental card. Then you could propose using the money that you would otherwise have spent on the larger e-ring on something else - like earrings or a necklace :smile: In either case, go with your instinct. Diamond are really expensive, so you should love whatever you wear.
  6. Whatever you do - ask for "conflict free".

    Sorry - I just watched Blood Diamond this week - I'll never personally buy another diamond.

    Not saying you shouldn't - just saying demand that it's conflict free! Watch the flick - you'll understand.
  7. How sweet of your SO! In my opinion you should honor his wishes... :heart: :heart:

    Can your SO talk to mine? My honey doesn't want to upgrade my 1.3 T&Co classic setting and gets offended every time I mention it. I want something over 2 ct. It sounds like I'm very Props to you for not wanting any changes.

    What's the process like?
  8. Why make the change??? If you love what you have...tell him and let him know you have all you need...him and your ring!!!
  9. If you are happy with your ring now, keep it, and see if you can pick out another gift instead.
  10. I've had an opportunity to upgrade my diamond ring too, but couldn't part with the original my DH got me. It's sentimental to me.
  11. You have some choices in this situation. Does upgrade mean you trade in your old er or just add to the diamond pool!!!!

    If you have to trade in your er, I wouldnt, if I was happy with it. There will always be something for your so it express his love with. eg top end watch or tennis bracelot, or a beautiful right hand ring etc.

    But if it were a case of adding to your collection, I would take the upgrade because you would still have the one you love. But, you would have to make sure that one looks like a right hand ring, as opposed to wearing 2 er`s. jmo
  12. LOL ITA!!:nuts: :roflmfao:

  13. Tiffany's doesn't use conflict diamonds:smile:

    Although I saw the movie too so ITA about the importance of being an informed customer!
  14. if you like what you have, maybe he could buy one of the thinner celebration rings to add to your e-ring/wedding band stack or even a couple of them for your right hand? he gets to buy you a present, you get to keep your of both worlds. :smile:
  15. :heart: Thanks ladies =)

    Your gals inputs are so imp. I think I am more than likely to stick with what I have and get something else.

    But I might be totally blinded when I go in this Saturday for my viewing with the SA and go with one of the bigger stones. At least I know I am not the only one who doesnt want to get bigger stone, I will keep you updated.