should i or shouldnt i-

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  1. ok, the other day i saw a bag, and i like it. it has BIN price for 800 but i bid for 200 and see. then i lost the auction and it sold for 300. today, the seller offer me a second chance offer (i checked it through ebay is a real offer,right?)
    should i accept it?
    the other bidder has 14 feedbacks, and there is 1 more person bid more than me w 84 feedbacks.

    i think the 300 is not even meet the reserve price, so why is she offering it to me for such a low price?

    should i accept it?

    800 is a fair price for this bag and 200 is even better.

    she also said she will leave for vacation this tuesday so if i pay today she will be able to ship it out before she leaves.

    what do you think?
  2. Can you tell us the item number? I want to take a look before giving my 2 cents :yes:
  3. Yay baby!!!
  4. I like it! as long as you know is authentic Go for it!
  5. I would ask her for more pictures of the bag first and also a pic of the receipt.
    What if she stole the pictures from another listing?
    She has relatively low feedback and $200 for that bag is just insane.

    What if she has a bunch of fakes she's sending out to people?

    If you do buy it, use a credit card like amex through paypal and make sure you conduct the transaction officially (i.e. not outside of ebay).
  6. I agree that you need to get this authenticated on the Chloe forum. The girls over there are awesome. I would also insist she lists it on Ebay for you to buy through them unless you're okay with a $200 knockoff. That's just too good of a price for that bag. You may end up getting a fake and have no recourse if you don't go through Ebay. It's a chance you must be willing to take since those pictures could be stolen. That's the reason you should ask for a few more pictures of something specific. (sorry, it sounds like my post is just about what Finzup said)... I agree with everything Finzup said!
  7. ^^^ Good point. You can ask her for a picture of the bag with a piece of paper with her EBay id next to the bag.
  8. yeah , sure i iwll go through ebay. she sent me offer through ebay and they have the BIN for 200.
    anyways, i decide not to buy it. too good to be true and she is leaving for vacation. i dont want anything happen and she wont be able to contact me .

    thanks everyone
  9. that's a mighty great deal.. . once you are sure of its authenticity (fellow ladies tPF experts will attest that).. then you can grab it .. YAY...
  10. yea i think its a good decision you passed. theres something fishy about that auction...
  11. Have it authenticated here on tPF, if it checks out go for it!!!
  12. that sounds like that monco babe scammer - i mean, thats what she did ... she would contact buyers and then go on holiday. Im sure its not her though as $300 isnt her style :tdown:
    i would always get it authenticated though ...
  13. The same bag ended on the 27th with the bid getting up to $585, but didn't hit the reserve....I would be leary.
  14. good choice in not bidding... that price just seems like too good a deal for that bag... I just don't think any seller would sell it for that low based on the number of other bids and the reserve price.