Should I keep this MJ Blake in Taupe?

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  1. So I did it! I brought my new Blake home today. I fell in love with the color when I saw it on, but now I'm not so sure. What do you girls think of this color taupe? Here's the pic w/ and w/o flash. The one w/ the flash is more true to life. I'm so torn. Please give me your thoughts.

  2. If you are looking for a neutral colored bag this is on the money. If you were looking fo something colorful perhaps not. I think it is lovely. I have a Blake in black and use it quite often. It's a great bag!
  3. Yes, keep it. Timeless style and color!

  4. i agree:biggrin: its a beautiful neutral clor bag
  5. Sorry, I have to disagree:sad2:, Blake is my favorite of all the bags MJ makes, but this color makes it look like an old lady's bag.
  6. I wanna say I'm w/ Savannah on this one but looove the front pockets. If you want something w/ a little more punch, get a different color or just go for the standard black. I love the shape and the bag itself but maybe in a different color.
  7. I like the bag, I like the color, but not the two together. I love this type color for the Stam, but for the Blake, it sort of washes it out. I've seen the blake in other colors too and I like it also, especially the brighter colors even black... but this one just completely washes it out and it becomes thoroughly unspectacular.
  8. I love the Blake, but I think this bag looks better with punchier colors.
  9. I've decided to return the bag. After looking at it all night, I'm just not in love with it. Thanks everyone for your thoughts!
  10. Well glad we could help! It's just nice seeing things from an objective point of view. What color are you going to get instead? Post pics once you decide!
  11. It's gorgeous! But, by the same token, if you are really having doubts, you shouldn't keep it.
  12. I have a Blake in "spearmint"--a sorta blue-green--you can see it in my collection. Anyways, I love the bag--it's really a great size, love the three compartments.

    I'd get it in a different color... For Spring, it came out in a beautiful yellow called "butter" and there's a tan that's much richer and warmer than the taupe. I'd go for that if you're looking for a neutral. If you go to and look under their designer collections, you can see the MJ bags and see the colors I'm talking about.
  13. Taupe is a great neutral color. I'm getting the Blake in Putty, which looks very similar to the first pic. The putty has gold hardware, though.