Should I keep the blue (lots of pics!)??

Should I keep the blue jumbo too?

  • Yes, it's gorgeous!

  • Na, it's pretty but you have enough blue bags, don't keep it when have doubt...

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Jun 4, 2006
Hello, I recently got the fushia and blue jumbo! I am so in love with the fushia (it's the perfect kinda red/pink for me!), but am unsure about the blue jumbo...

You see, I already have 2 blue bags in my bag collection (a 06 caviar EW flap in bleu fonce, and a BV large baltic veneta). Although this blue is certainly different & brighter than the other 2 blue bags I own, but I figure I have enough blue bags (1 big & 1 small, 1 slouchy and 1 structured) to match my clothing, and I kinda feel that this blue doesn't go too well with my wardrobe for some I think I may return it. But meanwhile I still think it is pretty and hard to let go. But I know if I want to use a big-enough blue bag I would probably pick my BV Baltic Veneta over this, and this may end up just sit in my closet...

What to do??


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client difficile
Dec 30, 2007
i had the same dilemma today. it is a lovely blue but i wish it was brighter. i decided that i have my navy met which i love & if i kept this one then i would still be wanting a brighter cobalt blue as well. i'm trying hard to be sensible & if i don't love a bag right away then i can do without it! i sound very convincing don't i ? but in actual fact i've been drooling at all the blue caviar pix all day trying to convince myself i made the right decision! LOL! :rolleyes:


Jul 9, 2007
Have you considered selling the e/w instead? To me this new blue jumbo is a more vibrant blue, and it being a jumbo seems more practical than an e/w.

^ I agree...the E/W & the BV are similar in the NAVY tone, non?

Well...I love this blue jumbo so it's hard for me to say no :shame:
But if you really know that this blue is not going to match your clothes - so maybe you should let it's really a hard decision...


Feb 26, 2006
It's a very pretty blue and different enough to stay in your collection of blues IMO. But if you wont be able to make it work with your wardrobe then I would suggest returning it.
Dec 2, 2005
I am the only one to disagree I guess, hikaru, but I think don't sell the E/W (but I am biased since I have the same one :P) I think since the size of the BV and the Jumbo are very similar, and you do not want to sell the BV, I would let the Jumbo go. Then you can wait, and it a more neutral blue comes later, you can always go for that one. :smile:
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