Should I get the Vintage Flower Tote?

  1. Do you girls think I should get the Vintage Flower Tote? What you think about it? Do you like it?
  2. yes! i really like it!
  3. oops sorry forgot to post a pic of it...the one on the left.:heart::yes:

    picture credit to Angelicious
  4. does anyone know if I can wear the tote bag on my shoulder?
  5. Yes, yes, buy it! Yes you can. I tried my friends tote on and it fit me, and I have big arms :shame:

    I think the purse looks lovely :yes:
  6. awww one of my friend said it looks too old for me to wear.(old lady looking):noggin: I think its a really pretty bag. Does anyone here think its old looking too?
  7. I have this bag and I love it. In fact I have this and the matching frame bag and I use this one more because everything fits in it. Its a steal at about $550. Dior is timeless and if anything I think Dior tends to be a younger looking bag. Its a beauty. Go for it.

  8. Thank you so much for the info! I am waiting for my husband to give me the OK. hehehehe:yes: I'm sorry if this is too much to ask for...can you please post a pic of you wearing the bag? I would like to see how big it would look it. Thanks!:heart:
  9. So sorry, don't have one of my holding it, but its a nice size not too big. I'm sure the Dior people will send you a picture holding the bag. They sent me a picture of someone holding a special ed. detective I bought yesterday. Just ask them.
  10. lol why didn't I think of that. I'll email them now. Thanks!
  11. Awww! I love this one!! where can you find one?!
  12. Yes! I love it. ♥

    What is the smaller bag in this pic ^ called? How much it costs?
  13. oooh you should def. get it! beautiful bag =D
  14. If I become hopeless of my search with the Vintage Flower Saddle Bag, this is my second choice!
  15. If you have the opportunity to get it, do so! I think this bag is sooo pretty.