should I get a rougevif or blueberry money wallet, or hold out to see anthracite?

  1. I am wondering whether to buy a rouge vif on retail, a blueberry for a slight discount, or hold out for a color I've only heard about.. and perhaps get a bag or something in that color instead? TIA!
  2. IMO, get a rouge vif in wallet and buy anthracite in other style.
  3. I have the Rouge Vif compagnon (almost wallet..), and I love it. I'm nervous about the really bright colours and red always looks good! In addition, you can *almost* use it as a clutch to spice up an outfit:graucho:

    :heart: it!!!
  4. well what can i say... the blueberry's one of my faves and it's a really sought after colour... AND it's on discount! :nuts: but would you lose out if you waited to see the anthracite first and decide whether u really like it?
    then after seeing it u'd just realise that blueberry's the best! heehee
  5. You can't go wrong with blueberry or rouge vif!! As for anthracite...I would till you see it IRL...Good luck and let us know what you decide!!
  6. If you don't want the blueberry on discount, just let me know where it is and I can take care of it for you... :graucho:

    LOL... but I guess that is my vote... get the blueberry, its gorgeous - or red just depending on what colors you are wanting a wallet to pop with... Then hold out to see anthracite in person...

    But seriously, if you aren't going to get the blueberry.......
  7. I would get the blueberry as well, RV might be a bit more "sensitive" especially if you use your wallet a lot?!
  8. Both are gorgeous but I will say rouge vif! It will stand out inside your bag and be easy to spot and will give a punch of color if your bags are more on the neutral side. I am not a blue girl so I am biased.
  9. I've decided to cancel the anthracite and maybe get a bag or something else in it.
  10. and this would sit in my ink day if that helps.. they're both such great colors and I know I'd be using these as a clutch during the day regularly.
  11. ^^ my vote's for rouge VIF :love:
  12. aarti, here's mine. Perhaps this will help you decide? :graucho:

  13. ^^THATS GORGEOUS! oyy its so hard to choose!
  14. rouge vif would contrast with ink better.
  15. And that, I can attest, it does! The contrast between the fire engine red wallet against the inky blue shrug is SPECTACULAR! :nuts: