Should I get a Baby Cabas Bronze color?

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  1. Will u get a baby cabas bronze color if u can find one? I know there are still white color out there, don't know if can still find a bronze one??

    see picture for bronze:

    Baby cabas bronze.jpg
  2. Hey there chanelfans! Hmmm.. I'm not feeling the baby cabas in bronze though.. I wanted it more in black or white! If you have doubts with your next handbag purchase, don't buy! Coz' it would just (maybe) ended up selling in the near future.. (happens to me most of the time)
  3. I like bronze the best amongst baby cabas colors :tup: !
  4. I think Chanel is continuing the bronze for fall. You might be able to find one once the fall bags start arriving. You could then avoid eBay.
  5. Ooh, Nerdphanie has one of these bronze baby cabas. If i were to ever buy a cabas, bronze would be one of my top choices for colors! i'd go for it -- you don't see too many of them either.
  6. I have black but I still want the bronze! I love the color and the hardware color, too.
  7. I think you should! The bronze is gorgeous. And if you do change your mind later, I'm sure you'll have no problem selling it.
  8. If i don't want to get from eBay, where can i buy it?
  9. the bronze is more stunning then i thought if your skin tone is tan it would look soooo hot on you
  10. i have sent an e-mail to my SA to find the bronze color for me, hope she can get me one soon! so looking forward to it! :yahoo::tup:
  11. I have the bronze baby, I think the color is stunning, and I like it better than the white or black :smile: But then again, I wear a lot of colors like coral, orange, cream, brown, etc. (and have a tan skintone)... I think it goes nicely with those colors and my color haha. If you can find it and you love it, then I'd say go for it! CHANELboy posted about the bronze baby cabas coming back for fall, so you could also look into that! Good luck. :smile:
  12. Have it...lovely!!:tup:
  13. Absolutely! I'm still waiting for my bronze Coco Cabas to arrive :nuts:
  14. I absolutely prefer the bronze. Give me metallics anyday!
  15. chanel in MOA will be getting bronze baby cabas by august:yes::tup::yahoo:

    and YES!!! get a bronze cabas...the color is FAB:yes::tup: