Should I buy another wallet

  1. i got my clemence de on dec 2015
    I love it and am thinking of getting a mono to rotate with it
    Is that silly? I don't have other lv wallets
  2. Go for it if it makes you happy :smile: I get different color/material of the same slg to match with other slgs. I just like what I like. If it's silly, then put me down as a happy member of that silly!
  3. I honestly do not like having more than one wallet. The thought of having to change out not only my bags but my wallet too is just not appealing to me at all. If you do not mind that then go ahead, why not?
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  4. My Chanel SA told me that sticking with one wallet is best. That was her opinion, and I found it interesting that she wasn't trying to hype sales of wallets. But I do see her can just move your one wallet from one bag to the next. Keeps things easy, though it wouldn't work for women who want their slg/bag brands to "match" or want to color-coordinate wallets with each bag. I have 2 Empreinte leather wallets -- one for Spring/Summer, one for Fall/Winter. I also have a Chanel wallet, because I consider that a classic staple item and it matches my flap. Since I'm not switching wallets more than once every few months, it works for me. If you want the Mono wallet, and the money wouldn't otherwise be going toward a new bag instead, go for it!:flowers:
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  5. Thanks I think will save more and get a bag!
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  6. I have several wallets that I use depending on the bag I'm carrying. Some of my smaller bags require a smaller wallet although I prefer a full size wallet.
  7. I have a few wallets and I have to say I use my favorite one all the time and hate switching out of it. I think putting the money towards another bag would be very practical and worth it :smile:
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  8. Good idea! It's easy to get swayed by the smaller items, but if there's a bag you like I would definitely save for that. Luckily, you already have one wallet.
  9. I like having a full size wallet for bigger bags and a compact wallet for smaller bags.
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  10. I have quite a few different wallets, card holders etc, but not only LV. I really need different sizes as I have very small and very big bags.
    But I am also a bit of a collector of pretty SLGs :smile: .
    So if there is a wallet that your really like, why not go for it?
  11. I decided to order the victorine and am saving for an alma bb