Shoes for skinny jeans?

  1. What shoes will you be wearing with this fall's skinny jeans/pants? :smile:
  2. Hey M's! I've been wearing flats of all sorts and boots and heels both pointy toe and slide style.
  3. Uhm, just boots, my b*tt's too big for anything else
  4. ankle boots :yes:
  5. I agree. :yes:

    Ballerinas look cute in Spring/Summer, but I think boots are the best bet for Autumn/Winter! :biggrin:
  6. I won't be wearing those jeans, but according to NM, it should be ankle boots, boots you can tuck them into or wedges.
  7. round toed ankle boots/heels, or ballerinas no matter what the weather because i'm a masochist. uggs when it's really cold :shame: :shame: :shame:
  8. You could wear boots over them or flats. I would think even a pair of pointy heels.
  9. I love looking at the skinny girls in the skinny jeans with pumps. The skinny jeans go half way down the pump and that is sexy.
  10. To look really sexy (esp with black pants) you could wear high courts in patent black, then add a gorgeous black tux to look v androgynous.

    If you want to look casual, I suggest pumps/knee high boots over the top.
  11. My trademark ankle boots!
  12. i wear my ballerina flats everytime i have skinny jeans on.
  13. I'm definitly going along with the Ankle boots and Skinny Jeans trend.
    Infact I have just ordered these shoes in BLACK (See Pic) To keep me looking stylish through fall!
    The trend looks amazingly hot, and adds that extra height to anyone who needs it, not to mention that heels make your legs look totally sexy, and shapes them!
    So go out and buy those cute ankle boots, and you definitly won't regret it!
    Check out Sienna Miller rockin' her Ankle Boot and Skinnies Combo!
    1403966920_exlg.jpg image3xl.jpg 64.jpg
  14. I bought some Cole Haan ankle boots and Kors lace up stiltto boots for my skinny jeans.
  15. i pair it with my wedge round toe shoes.... it is so cute...:yahoo: