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  1. I just noticed that 6pm has a big cut on Rag & Bone boots (Walker and Harrow). I got some walkers for 149.
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  2. Acne studios jensen boots in black suede and leather on sale at Matches!
  3. EDIT* the leather ones are back to full price now and suede are still on sale!
  4. I have been searching for this Acne star boots and find them on The outnet for 248 Euro, but just as i should buy them, they got snatched right before i could make the order.
    Two days later i went to a Acne outlet near me and find them for 150 euro! 11349597bp_11_f.jpg
  5. Hi rosascloset! I know I’m 2 months late but was wondering if you would share your SA’s contact info or if she can share some Roger Vivier Chips photos ? Thank you in advance !
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    The Charlotte Olympia sample sale is going on right now in NYC through 260 Sample Sale. If you’re a size 36.5 and below or 38 and above, you’re in luck. It’s slim pickings for 37 and especially 37.5. Flats, boots, and heels are $150 and trainers are $125. The sale goes through May 27th.
  7. GTM store in Santee CA had two pair of Frye boots - beige/tan color and black for $71. They were size 12 (tan) and 11 (black). They didn't look that large so I tried them on in case there was a mistake in sizing but they didn't fit me. Would have loved to snag the tan ones.
    Shorties with pointed toe - something like this
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