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  1. Barneys has rockstuds for 600!!!! And I PRICE match nord and got them for the 600
  2. IMG_1479824196.984832.jpg IMG_1479824208.934887.jpg
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  3. Thank you for the link. I tried adding a tribute and the sale is only 30%. Is it supposed to be 40%?
  4. I reprinted the figures from another person's post so maybe they wrote the wrong percentage. I didn't check the math when I shopped around.
    But thanks for checking!!
  5. Neiman Marcus Philip +16504929072

    Sz 37.5. $447, last call price 1481170467646.jpg
  6. Found this through purseBlog: Selfridges has a USA site with some good deals depending on what you're looking for. I fished around comparing prices on various items. St Laurent Tributes (the lower heel) are only US$610. on their site. That's REGULAR price, not sale!!!

    also spotted: Classic Burberry cashmere scarf is $350 ($450 on the USA Burberry site and £355 on the UK Burberry site - crazy!!!)

  7. been roaming around TPF for the longest time and finally decided to be more active !!!
    Roger Vivier outlet in Livermore is currently having extra 10% when you purchase 2 pairs +
    lots of Belle de nuit, chips, they do charge send too. (Tax free if you dont have a RV boutique in your state)
    Inbox me for my sa's contact, she is happy to send you pictures!
  8. Wow I just took a look and the Gucci cardholder is $100 cheaper! I'm thinking of getting it for my sister's birthday gift. Is it legit and real though?
  9. Its real. Its the department store. $100 less on a card holder is a HUGE savings!!! I just bought the last pair of YSL Tributes on sale for $300. I plan on buying a Burberry bag along with a scarf.

    I also noticed the Longchamps Le Pliage bags are half the price compared to USA.
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  10. Nordstrom Rack deal on jimmy choos
    At the Houston , TX location
    9714 Katy Fwy
    Houston, TX 77055
    United States

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