Shepton Mallet buy! New Roxanne tote!

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  1. A big thank-you to my super boyfriend, who agreed to take a minor detour to The Mecca, Shepton Mallet for a look-see at what delicious bags may take my fancy.

    He kindly gave me a handbag "voucher" for my birthday, value is limitless (big error he obviously didnt think it through when he gave it to me!)! And I have still yet to find a bag I love love love to redeem it. We took a holiday to Wales this week and made a detour to SM back to London.

    I couldnt leave SM without buying something, it would have been rude not to. Now I am not the most financially flush of women and couldnt afford or justify spending anything more than £300 on a bag, so I bagged myself a new black antiqued leather large tote. Its a bit on the massive side, but I thought the A4 size was a bit small for what I wanted it for.

    I love the tote, it will fit all my junk in it, though, I should be careful not to sutff too much in it if it gets too heavy.

    My new tote cost £225 which I thought was a good price from £795 and it was a SS09collection. Although they dont make them anymore, it has lovely silver hardware which makes it look modern and will wear and look nice for many years to come.

    They had loads of black leather maggies for the price of £249 which the SA tried to get me to buy, but it wasnt my style. I think reduced 75%

    My dear BF was encouraging me and showing me lots of lush options around SM, but unfortunately I could only buy one bag. I left behind a yummy purple Mabel hobo, it was lovely, but a bit too expensve. They also had an amazing collection of midnight blue cracked leather bags, Bays, Daria Hobo etc so lush.... but out of my price range :sad:

    Love the SAs at SM, they are so friendly and helpful :biggrin:
  2. Congrats for getting a Roxanne tote! And what a lovely boyfriend you have!!
  3. Yay, you bagged (groan!!) yourself a bargain there. Congratulations. Your boyfriend sounds like a keeper too!
  4. Lucky you,
    By any chance were any of the bays you saw in black?
    Style Siren:thinking:
  5. congrats, im so pleased you love your lovely new bag, hope you had a fantastic birthday your boyfriend sounds rather special too. x
  6. Glad you enjoyed your trip to SM, and how lovely of your BF to treat you like that!!
  7. congrats on your new bag! what a nice gift!
  8. Congrats, a fabulous bag! Sounds like you had a great day! It is lovely to receive a special bag as a present from a loved one.BF sounds very thoughtful. And black is a great choice, it will get used lots, go with everything and you will not worry about it in bad weather. Would love to see some pics of it if you are able to put them on xx
  9. Congrats! You are a lucky girl :smile:
  10. Congratulations! How nice and thoughtful of your bf. Hope you will enjoy your new lovely bag!
  11. Congrats!! Sounds like a wonderful trip and super purchase. I would hold on to that man ;)
  12. Your new bag sounds lovely. Any pics?
  13. I'd love to see some pics of the bag or modelling even better.
  14. What a lovely man you have ;) Congrats, and please show us some pictures of your beautiful bag!!
  15. thank-you everyone :smile: will try and post some pics up this weekend, need to try and reactivate my photo-hosting account and take some pics for you....

    When you find a man who supports and understands your handbag habit, hold on, hold on for dear life LOL