“Sheltering in Place” with Hermès

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  1. This color is TDF and on my wishlist, thank you for posting!
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  2. Blue Sapphire Gator and a 10 week old puppy (explained this thread to my husband and he thinks I’ve lost it!)

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  3. I’m not sure of the color name. It was a very sad vintage piece that I found on 1stDibs. I “rescued” it because of the latch and sent it to Leather Surgeons for rehab. They did a remarkable job. The color was terribly faded. The edges were rough. (It’s on their Instagram.) I knew it was small and I probably wouldn’t use it but I felt compelled to get it resuscitated.
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  4. Just point out that it’s rare to find an Hermès experience that’s absolutely free....your husband might see the light. :lol:
  5. It’s really a great exercise in appreciating what you already have!!!
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  6. Nope - it is actually an excellent mental health and emotional well being strategy! Keep posting! We all need some continuity in our lives, tpf is that for many of us anyway. So I say post away! It’s certainly helping me try to calm during uncertain times. I will take a pic soon with my own fur kid n H, for now here is a small contribution - my Kelly huddling in a “silk blanket” for comfort. sea surf and fun seems far away at times, so a little fun blankie for us all. 7942576B-BCEB-4DB6-BEAD-7C58F7C190C3.jpeg
  7. Today’s emotional support bag tried to sneak out of the house. It’s been restrained and assigned security equal to the task at hand....
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  8. The color is Vert Verone but looked so much darker under the light. Anyway, now i feel like it’s the time to add some colors to my life lol so yes to twilly straps :heart:
  9. Beautiful!!!


    Love this thread and these posts! Yes, it is good to have a bit of levity in these times. I think we all need it for our mental health. Stay healthy and strong TPF'ers!!
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  10. the most GORG bag i've ever seen
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  12. A great thread! I snuck into the office today (no shelter in place yet in NYC) but have not carried or worn any H in what seems like weeks. These days it’s only whatever I can throw in the washer or clean with disinfectant wipes. Thank you all for posting these creative pics - I do love the much needed mental getaway tPF provides. :yes:
  13. I don’t understand it myself, but fully support it.... :biggrin: how did you explain it? 90A612A9-3C07-4DF5-877A-2A5D94E8C448.jpeg
  14. Dave my wonderful boy was not particularly happy to pose. He makes my K28 look like a tiny bag! He did share that green is really more his color :P (his collars etc are all in green).

    His face is “awww come on mom” and “nope, not looking” :P Also a funny from a friend for dog lovers.
    CDF651DE-1282-4723-8B4A-5D69F41E9D70.jpeg E453C640-66F7-42DA-B85B-4200AD8E7D18.jpeg 53366B09-55C4-4EE9-BC08-271C78CFABBA.jpeg
  15. Hilarious!