“Sheltering in Place” with Hermès

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  1. These are tropical limes which are typically smaller. Flowers are auspicious sign of blessings which the world is much in need now and hope your lemon tree bear fruit soon :flowers:
  2. Spring is here! Looking forward to summer 1DF757E7-B94A-4E45-8125-247A17558665.jpeg
    *Orange H in Swift and Crevette in Clemence
  3. STUNNING BLUE!!!!! The gold hardware just GLOWSSSS I LLLLLLove it!!!
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  4. "Dear Miss B,
    I am afraid your maiden voyage overseas end of the year is postponed indefinitely. Let's be contented that at least we can still reminisce...
    Remember La Petite France at Strasbourg? That's the trip we brought you back from Paris. We also picked up your baby roommate, Kelly, from Paris in our recent trip to Mont Saint-Michel. Look at the acrylic painting of Park Guell. That's when we brought your other baby roommate, Constance, home after a walk in the park.
    Let's pray that the world can fight this insidious virus soon and healthy cities be restored on earth again."

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  5. Tea time for our Queen B
    And here is how DH puts a change tray to good use. We all know the four legged masters are in charge here.
  6. Thank you for your kind words! :flowers:

    Thank you. :heart:
  7. Lovely mini Bolide and change tray. Your pup is so sweet!
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  8. I love seeing all the art that accompanies your story. You seem to have a lot if luck shopping in Paris!
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  9. I’m jealous! It rained here today. :sad:
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  11. And Barcelona too :loveeyes:
    The paintings were all bought from street artists who painted on the spot and we like to give them our little support.
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  12. Lovely So Kelly and scarf - and perfect together!
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  13. You are welcome, and thank you for your kind words!

    I think the color is called ‘menthe’, and I like it and think it will go well with a lot of my wardrobe . To wear color always brightens my mood
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  14. Gorgeous bags pool and photo! I so want to be lazing by the pool with your beautiful B’s - rain here so this photo was a nice pick me up :love:

    Lovely bag and story, and yes, everyone and everywhere we hope soon will be healthy and unafraid.

    Too funny! Your cute puppers even looks like a queen! Royal and above it all :P oh,, and love your bolide. Whenever I see a dog in a pic or video that’s my focus (of course)
    Four legs always beats two legs, didn’t you know that?:lol: And what the heck is in that tray? It’s so elegant, what is so well displayed by your husband looks like an old battery. How funny.
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