“Sheltering in Place” with Hermès

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  1. Sort of makes me think of what a Hermès charcuterie board would look like.....I’d happily give up the sliced meats and cheeses for those bracelets!
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  2. Nice ride!
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  3. I'm glad you like the picture. When I was plucking my limes this morning, the first thoughts were of you and your thread :heart:
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  4. #184 Mar 20, 2020
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    Rouge de core : Hey Anemone come here for a sec ..

    Rouge De core : Look out the window .. What do you see !!! :nuts::nuts::nuts:


    Anemone : Flowers .. so ... :flowers:

    Rouge De core : PLEASE look again :annoyed: ...


    Anemone : woooow flowers :shocked::shocked:

    Rouge De Core : THEY ARE Rouge De Core and Anemone flowers :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

    Anemone : Let me take a close look .. Heeeemmmmm they look more like rouge de core AND rose pourpre to me ..

    Rouge De Core : Anemone just roll with it ... we are in quarantine with KIDS .. I might lose my mind :oh:

    10 year old daughter : Wait just right there no one moves .. I will bring my home made paper squishes ..

    20 seconds later ..

    Anemone : Nooooo I serenader , They got me........



    this took 20 mints to post :sad: ... Kids ... Kids ... Kids :biggrin:
  5. Adorable....:flowers:
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  6. Omg love this! Thank you!! Love your beautiful bags and flowers!
  7. #187 Mar 20, 2020
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    About a week ago (I’ve sort of lost track of time), I thought it would be fun to fill some large paper mache Easter eggs I saw with treats for neighborhood children. (8 girls & 4 boys)
    Why not?, I thought. It’ll be a breeze, I thought.
    Day 1: it began well enough.....things lined up and ready. (Took the pic to send to my sister.)
    Day 2: I no longer know what I’ve put in which eggs. I don’t even know which eggs I’ve checked, because I’ve abandoned this so many times. I ate a bag of candy meant for the eggs and felt no regret. (Sister no longer interested)
    Today: 6 more to bag and I’m done! I chose to share the final results with my octogone, despite the fact that she Showed little interest.....
  8. Is this Rouge de Cœur or is that a different color?
  9. #189 Mar 20, 2020
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    Love it! It was worth every one of those 20 minutes!
    What’s in those paper squishes? I could do those with some of the neighborhood kids... .
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  10. Thanks you are adorable :heart:

    Thank you so much , I miss my bags so much :-s more than most people :biggrin:. Looking out the window is my daily activity now :angel:

    yes B25 rouge de core togo ghw . It is cloudy outside so the color might not look right .


    I am glad :biggrin: I had to lock my self in my room to escape the little ones .

    My creative daughter cuts A4 paper into the shape she want ,one for the back and one for the front .. draw on it then color . Then, she uses duct tape to attach both sides , then she used an old pillow filing to fill the squishes . Garbage bags work fine as well or cotton pads , but and I quote " pillow filling make them slow rise " . It is amazing of you to think of your neighbors :heart: best wishes to you
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  11. This made me lough :biggrin: the fact that you ate a bag of candy with no regrets
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  12. This is so cute! Thank you!
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  13. While not purses, they are Hermès!
    I was prepping for an upcoming theme on the SOTD thread :giggle:
  14. Those bright colours are just what I needed...
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  15. Thank you! It's supposed to be like a life-savers roll - Pineapple (LCC), Lemon (PeF), Orange (E), Cherry (FP), Lime (TB), Grape (NS), Strawberry (K-Mt), and Melon (OdUJ)
    (I know there's only 5 flavors in that roll, but I needed 8 :giggle:)