Share Your Miu Miu Authenticity Knowledge

  1. Use this thread to document what you know about how a PRADA/MIU MIU is authentic.
    From hardware,cards,..... anything u can help us distinguish the REAL from the FAKE.
  2. My knowledge is very limited, but I'm sure other pFer's can build on it:

    The Prada made in Italy plaque (for those bags that have it) is rounded and ones that are fake usually are more squarish around the edges. The font between a real and a fake is also different.

    I think for triangles, some fakes are usually somehow very large, and again the font is different for reals and fakes.

    A lot of fakes have a weird blue "Prada" tag.

    As far as I know, the reals don't have plastic around the handles as some fakes do, and there's no weird leather tags hanging off of the handles.
  3. To tell a real Miu Miu Coffer bag from a fake one, look at the space above the lock. From the lock, there are 2 layers of leather.
    One that's just a flap, and one that goes on to the next hardware point.

    On the real ones THESE ARE THE SAME LENGTH, while on the fake ones, the one in the back is longer (I'll try to post pics later).

    Some of the really good replicas only lack the 4 bolts that keep the lock hardware in place (almost fell for it, but a PF'er saved me)!

    These are the 2 dead give-aways I can think of at the moment.

    If this is not what you meant, Jill, feel free to remove the post :shame:
  4. ^PERFECT...~!!!Thats exactly what we need..good info..TIA!
  5. I have fixed some pics here, to show what I was babbling about in my last post (thank you, Paint.. my difficulty-level:p )

    Pic 1: Note AUTHENTIC leather flap

    Pic 2: AUTHENTIC lock, note the studs

    Pic 3: Fake leather flap, too long

    Pic 4: Fake lock, lacks the studs!!

    Hope this helps!

    NAPøvre.JPG NAPlås.JPG aaa.jpg ebay.jpg
  6. ....moreover, look at the zipper inside the Coffer bag:
    "Lampo" must be written on the back of the zipper "head" (i do not know the specific name).

    You can divide the fake (esp. on eBay)from auth. mostly by uneven seams and seam widths. The distance between sewing line and edge has to be 2mm +/-0,5 mm (common for all). A lot bags at eBay have a much bigger hems or show also differences on seams around the bag.

    Also: you see differences in the slit for the key strap of the key pocket. My original has an oval hole, I`ve seen a few fakes with ugly (also fraying) slits.

    Also I found out: the amount of pieces of network (look at the handle). It has to be 12. I don`t know the tolerance, but I counted 18 a few times on the ones that were sold on eBay. All original bags i have seen in stores & mine have 12.

    The details are important :drool:

    I may post some pictures for understanding if requested.
  7. Those that come with a weird leather tag out on the bag handles are probably not authentic either :yes: I only remember seeing a leather tag like that on the Antic cervo
  8. That's great!!! I had no idea, but now that I know, I've seen even more fakes, lol.
  9. A quick question - when did Prada start releasing models with gold logos? This year or last year? I just bought a black nylon (with leather base, leather handbag straps and leather sling strap) but cant seem to locate the model anywhere (it says Tessuto + cingh on the card). Appreciate if someone can enlighten me!
  10. hey girls!
    i bought a white leather miu miu bag from the dolce and gabbana boutique, but the authenticity card - there i noticed a typo - they wrote it once in italian and once in english - the english typo contained "umidity" instead of "humidity". i'm sure that the D&G boutique within department stores sell authentic goods, but am really concerned about the typo because it makes me wonder...

    does anyone out there know anything about this? thanks in advance!!
  11. I think this is more of an authenticity question that should belong to the AUTH THIS thread.
  12. This disgusting place is a library for anyone wanting to study up on fake Pradas (or other designers for that matter). I nearly puked when I saw this. They are HIDEOUS!! The scammers aren't even bothering making up style numbers any more. They are using the same style numbers as legit Prada bags. :cursing:

    WARNING: Grab a barf bag before you click. This is SICKENING! :throwup:

    No wonder so many innocent people get ripped off on eBay these days. :mad:
  13. hi can u please post pics for ur first point abt the "lampo" and the slit... thanks alot for ur tips they've helped so much in identifying those horrible fakes!!!

  14. I found this picture from one of the ebay listings for an example of the "lampo" zipper


    I am trying to be better separating authentic ones from the fake ones on ebay-since I am still looking for black leather coffer- So here is what I gather up

    - Not every seller on ebay puts their own picture-this is actually well known-but the trick that they are doing is that they are putting the picture from or from NM's or Saks etc. website. so you could check out those picture and know them so you wouldn't think that you are getting the real deal but actually you are not.
    Also one seller had a close up picture of the lock-the bag suppose to be black-but in that picture background of the lock was brown.
    -and there are several sellers from Kissimme,Florida and it seems strange I don't know why
    -strap,12 networks still good way to be sure-most of the fake ones didn't pay attention to addition to the extra strap on the length-which was previously explained in this forum/title
  15. wow, i'm no fashion expert but i was gagging too when i saw that site. It was so obvious that those were fakes...the "Prada" letters on several of them were so uneven it was ridiculous. And the fact that they are charging over $100 for a purse that anyone could tell is a fake from across the room...insane. It's sad cuz those bags probably cost barely $1 to make since they were likely made by children in sweatshops. Sad.