Share your 2019 bag offers!

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  1. Why thank you dear, Hugs!!
  2. Lol! I know how you feel. Right now my Barenia is the apple of my eye, and I cant even imagine loving any other bag more. Maybe a black Barenia, b 25 ... yes that would be the only one lol. But I think etain is just soooooo beautiful! I dont Wear my etoupe as often as I like because of the brown undertones i think. What do you think about having a birkin in both etain and black? Too close to each other?
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  3. I get it! My BF is a different league lol. I would definitely still do black. My Etain has GHW so I have considered black with PHW just for the versatility. I love neutrals! I would also do a different size - definitely B30. I’m teetering back and forth between black/dark blue/ or another brighter color. Ugh!!

    Same as you, my Etoupe doesn’t get as much use. I find myself grabbing it when I wear white and navy blue. Etoupe looks sharp with navy! I just don’t have much blue in my wardrobe.
  4. Lol! Same! Didn’t know etoupe looks good with blue? I own nothing blue. I Would love a navy blue, black and etain and magnolia. I’d be done after those colors! It i could Sub in a black Barenia I’d die. I think I will Give my etoupe to my mom if I don’t wear it in the next month. I feel Bad just having it sit in my closet
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  5. I want one too.
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  6. LOL I told my SA the same thing "please take your sweet time to get my wishlist item, no rush at all"
  7. B35 vert cypress Togo GHW!!! My first choice for this season :heart: Etoupe and gold B have to wait. :giggle:
  8. B25 Togo in vert cypress GHW -

    declined as green is simply not my color


    B25 Togo in etoupe PHW -

    took her home!

  9. Kelly 28, noir epsom sellier with palladium hardware :heart: Took her home as its exactly what ive been wanting :love:
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  10. I was offered a constance 18 blue sapphire alligator with RGHW , I imagined the combination of colors ( royal blue + rose gold = amazing bag ) but I had to decline it because it is not in my plan for 2019 .

    also I was offered a Kelly Letter , I was looking for it for a long time and finely my local store got it . Unfortunately , it was in a color I didn't like ( gold and capucine ) . I think it is the least flattering combo of colors . I was looking for some sort of blue assortment of colors or green or red . But gold and capucine I don't think so .
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  11. Mini verrou in doblis!!! I've been wanting to add doblis to my collection, but still deciding due to color. I forgot the name, but my sa said it's a new color? It's a lovely, light neutral with very slight green undertones. Started with a T and the word was quite long. I have until tmr to decide!
  12. Out of curiosity:
    Does being offered and buying a crocodile Kelly raise my chances of being offered another exotic if I ask for it and they have what I’m looking for? (At the same store or even the same country, when they see your history).
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    My new Constance 18 Rouge H !!!
  14. B30 togo Gris Tourterelle rghw!! YES YES YES!!! :smile:
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  15. Huge congratulations!!:heart: That's my dream B!
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