Share your 2019 bag offers!

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  1. Thank you! I can’t believe it when my SA showed it to me!!
  2. Enjoy it in good health!
    And please show some modeling pics so we can all drool over your bag
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  3. Offered B25 Jaune Ambre Togo phw. Still deciding since I originally hope for ghw
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  4. I’m team gold 95% of the time, but yellows and reds look nice with both. I think looking at pictures of yellow bags with both will help. Also, if this bag had gold hardware, would you be uncertain about it? If your answer is no, you should probably wait for one with gold hardware.
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  5. Wow!! I am so jealous!
  6. I would stick with your gutt on the hardware =)
  7. Ohhhh I have been dying for this one too. Pls show when you get a chance so I can drool all over my laptop hahahahh
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  8. Hi all~ Can’t imagine my SA offer this to me today. Although it’s not originally what I’m looking for, I still fall in love with it at my first sight!

    This is a Kelly 32 in Bleu Encre Togo GHW. The colour in real is much more gorgeous than you see in the photos.

    The only thing I don’t satisfy is the original strap. So I ask my SA to find me a canvas strap. He finally gets me this canvas strap with a touch of Bleu Encre with GHW, which I think is a perfect match with the K32!!

    This is my very first Hermes classic bag offer. Thank you to my lovely SA and wish everyone can get your 2019 bag offer soon~
    9BB15113-5A59-4770-8FBB-D1FEF1AE2F9C.jpeg 38984DAF-084F-4A9F-82C0-5799AA17A571.jpeg
  9. Very beautiful and I love the strap with it. Enjoy!
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  10. Lovely k plus the additional strap
  11. Amazing bag! The strap is TDF!
  12. I got this bag in December but in a k 25 Togo as well and the color in person is so beautiful! Enjoy it!!
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  13. Thank you dear~
  14. Thank you dear~
  15. Thank you dear. Yes, that strap makes the whole thing different!!
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