Share your 2019 bag offers!

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  1. I love the rose gold hardware! Gorgeous combo with Etain!
    I just collected my SO Kelly in etain Togo in December and I too am delighted that the colour is a true grey.
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  2. Totally different bags! I have Etain 35 GHW and etoupe B30 PHW!!
  3. Wow! This is stunning!!:loveeyes::loveeyes: I'm waiting for an Etain Kelly or B with PWH, but I'm going to contact my SA (who is now the SS at the boutique!) to add RGHW to my preference. Enjoy your gorgeous B; the rose gold really sets it off beautifully!:heart::flowers:
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  4. Ok! Which one do you like more? If i end Up getting etain i may Just give my etoupe to my mom to use. She has been dying for a mini b.. it’s also a good justification to get another baby neutral ;)
  5. I was offered a kelly cut in swift in rose poupre and 2 constance 24's - one in blanc and the other in rose azalee. I took the constance in rose azalee. Now, I'm double-guessing myself, should I have taken the kelly cut - is that harder to get?
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  6. I'm not sure if it matters if its harder to get, if you don't love the bag/aren't going to use it. For me the C would have won because I like hands free bags.
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  7. I was vacationing in Hawaii and that’s where I received the offers - not my home store. So didn’t know if he was just offering me the items no one else wanted.
  8. Holy cow!!!! This is gorgeous!!!!!
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  9. Right!!!??? Cant believe my eyes every time I come back to this thread hahahahah
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  10. You're kidding right? :-s
  11. Same!!! I literally want to message you on so many of these like is it just me
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  12. Not just u my darling... I'm over here dying a thousand deaths of LOVE hahahaahha

  13. Same!! As well as having debates on why a K hasn’t showed up with rghw since it technically has less hardware than a B hahahaha
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  14. Evil! Like asking me to pick my favorite child! This one is REALLY hard. I just got my Etain and it is the perfect gray. But I adore my Etoupe and use it lots because of the size (B30). Etoupe definitely has more brown. I would probably begrudgingly choose Etain. Both work in my collection because of the difference in size and hardware. Some pics for your reference! [​IMG][​IMG]
  15. good point. here's wishing you the k rghw and me the b rghw of our dreams ASAP xo
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